Skin Food Cucumber Wash-off Mask Review

I’m a big fan of Skin Food wash-off mask. So after I tried Kiwi mask and Rice mask, this time I try Cucumber Soothing Mask. 
Just like the other Skin Food’s wash-off mask packaging, there is nothing special with this one. What differs it from others is the colour of the sticker at the top of the jar and the picture of the cucumber. 🙂
Manufactured date at the bottom of the jar.
This is the short explanation of the mask and the ingredients.
And this is in Hangeul.
The colour seen is soft green and the texture is gel. 
Once applied it on face, you can’t see any colour from the mask. 
I place this mask along with my other Skin Food’s wash-off masks on the refrigerator.  I like to use it cool, it feels so good on my tired face. It really smells like cucumber which is so fresh 😀 For me, I translate the soothing effect as the effect to calm or reduce my redness and I don’t see it work. Too bad that it didn’t have any effect on me, except for the fresh feeling I have when I’m applying this mask. I use it for around 30 minutes then rinse it off with water. 
After all, nothing special from this mask. I’m not regret buying this mask because I really want to try it but of course I won’t repurchase it in the future because there are lots of other masks that tempting me :p
So see you later ! ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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