elf 32 Piece Palette Cool Eyeshadow Review

Who loves colourful eyeshadow? Raise your hand please! (As if I could see it :p)
So today I wanna share review about eyeshadow palette from e.l.f cosmetics, it’s a 32 piece palette cool eyeshadow. I believe there are two options available: Cool and Warm but Reine Doll Shop kindly sent me cool one for review purpose. 😀
Simple yet look cheap packaging in my honest opinion. I would prefer black colour as it will look more professional to white but yeah it’s all about preference 😐
Beautiful colour! That’s what I thought when I opened it. 
Closer look of the colour.. Yes all of them are cool tone colours. Colourful and it’s out of my comfort zone. I prefer brown colour eyeshadows and there is no brown eyeshadow here probably because brown is categorized as warm. 
Here is the sponge applicator. Just ordinary one and I don’t think I will use it except when I go travelling and bring this palette. 
Here are the swatches on my hand (sorry for the bad pic quality -__-  ):
 pigmentation is good
 colourful. Although I think the blue colours look almost the same one with another.
 mirror is included in the palette so it’s practical when you need to touch-up
 not powdery. You don’t have to afraid the eyeshadow will fall out to the cheek area 😀
 look fragile and kinda cheap for me
 staying power is quite ok. It stays on my eyes for about four hours then the colours start to fade a bit.
 all colours are matte
This palette is a good choice for you who loves playing with colour or just want to add your palette collection. :p I love row 3 the most because of the pink purple colour 😀 But unfortunately I can’t use this palette too often because of the colour, I’m prefer using neutral colour to offfice. 
You can buy this at Reine Doll Shop and if you order from their multiply website and purchase minimum Rp 150.000, you can get discount Rp 10.000 by using disc code: RINICES08 .
That’s all for now.. See you :3

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. i ve been waiting for your new post..haaahaha..
    be careful with the ELF packaging, so easy to broke, i found out some colors could be chalky if you dont use any primer. Try their studio collections next time, much better, price wise as well..nice review babe, so cute as always! helpful!=)

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