The Saem Eco Soul Color Lip Rouge Review

Still in the addiction of lip lacquer, this time I tried lip lacquer from The Saem, called Eco Soul Colour Lip Rouge. It can be considered as one of my very first The Saem cosmetics. 😉
It comes in a simple box. Not cute at all, but I like the pastel colour. ^^
Too bad it’s written in Hangeul and I don’t understand it. It’s free of four things but I don’t know what are them. 🙁
Short but very descriptive explanation. 🙂
There are 5 colours available:
1. Sizzling Sun Red
2. Nighttime Sky Plum
3. Flowery Beautiful Pink
4. Morning Sunlight Orange
5. Flower Leaves Lavender
Don’t you think the names are beautiful? ^^ Guess which colour do I pick? 
Yup you’re right. I choose no. 5 Flower leaves lavender, since I haven’t find perfect coral shade for me. Etude House Vivid Pop Stick #6 is pretty colour but it’s drying. >.<   Hmmm for me the packaging is boring. It's made of plastic that looks like glass. The good point of the packaging is we can see the colour of lip lacquer directly from the tube.   The applicator is like most of lip gloss applicator. It's slanted that makes it easier to apply the lip lacquer on cupid bow area.   Let's see the swatch: -with flash- When I swatched the colour for the first time, I know that I make a right choice to choose this colour. The colour is just like what I want: pinky coral colour. *.*   Just like the description said, it has mousse texture that glides easily on my lips. I think my lips in picture above is perfect, no chapped lips, maybe it shows line on my lips but that's okay. It's not drying at all, in fact I find it quite moisturize my lips. Surprise, no? XD   As for the scent, it has quite strong rose scent. At first I can't stand the scent but after several times of usage, I'm used to it now ._.   - easily glide on my lips - matte texture but doesn't make my lips look dry - quite moisturizing - perfect pinky coral colour   - quite strong rose scent       Retailed at KRW10,900 each, I think the price is relatively cheap compared to other lip lacquer like 3 Concept Eyes, So Natural, or Clio. The quality is good too with 5 pretty colors to choose, I think it's a must have lip lacquer ^^         I'm using Ageha Lunatia Green softlens from Japan Softlens.   Japan Softlens | Jual Softlens Warna Nyaman Asli Jepang♡       I hope you're thinking to try it now after reading my review. Hihi.. :p       See you soon :*            

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Waa it's so pretty! I really want this product now but maybe in a different color. 10,900KRW is very cheap compared to a lot of other lip lacquers. This is definitely on my wishlist. Thank you for the review ^^ The color looks really great on you.

  2. Warna cakep dan nggak bikin kering. YEAY! akhirnya ^^ seneng bangetttt baca review ini, kak 🙂 serasa nemuin soulmate :') hihihihi

    ngomong-ngomong kalau dirupiahin, harganya berapa kak? aku mau beli nih kayaknya gara-gara kakak :p oh, iya, itu eyeliner yg bawah mata pake merk dan tipe apaa kak? manis, sukaa >.<

  3. I saw these in The Saem store the other day, but I couldn't get myself to buy another lipstick!! Tau bagus beli deh ce lagi diskon lagi hahahahaha Aduh aku udah lama ga update kepo-in blog cici, I have to read more of your posts!

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