3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer “Pink Boom” Review

Lip lacquer oh lip lacquer.
I’m obsessed by lip products right now and I’m so happy that 3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer was included inside my first BNT News Beauty Box 😀
I have reviewed #Disco shade before (you can read it here), since I liked it so much, I’m happy that I got another shade this time, still from pink family, called Pink Boom. 
The box is simple but still look attractive with 3ce’s signature and the pink colour that matches the lip lacquer colour.
-taken with flash-
I think the colour shows up better under flash, like in real life.
The sticker to mark that it’s still new.
There are 10 pretty colours to choose, seriously I want all of them *.*
It has a slanted sponge applicator that take out the product easily. I like how it’s pointed at the end so it’s easy to fill in the cupid bow area. 😀
Swatch on my hand:
The color is a deep pink colour. 
On my lips:
left: gradation, right: full lips
The color is very pigmented! Only with one swipe, it’s already that vibrant :O
The texture is very creamy. I don’t have any difficulty when applying it on my lips. And it doesn’t show any dryness or cracked lips. Yeay for that! 😀
It doesn’t have any scent at all. It’s so rare for me to have unscented lip products XD
At first it will look glossy but after some time passed, it will look matte. And it doesn’t dry out my lips but kinda moisturized my lips. I read some other blogs th
at saying this lip lacquer makes their lip dry but thankfully I’m not experiencing that. 🙂
Although it’s not pink colour that I like (because I think the colour makes me look older -_-) but it still a nice colour, especially for you who like bold colour, you should really try out 3CE Lip Lacquer 😉
Bonus pic: my 3CE lip lacquers without and with flash XD
The product is sold at $20.81USD each on Stylenanda’s website.
This product was sent to me for review purpose. 
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What do you think?

Written by virgo

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