The Saem Saemmul Lip Crayon Review

When lip crayon becomes a trend and suddenly most makeup brand released their lip crayon, The Saem was one of the brand that caught my eyes since the packaging is really similar to the real crayon. XD
There are 5 colours available, and each lip crayon tube has different attractive colour. I bought no 2 Orange  and no 3 Eco Blue since I still want to try orange colour and no 3 because of the blue colour. 
The tube is so fat hihi :3
So let’s see the swatch on my hand.
This photo was taken under flash. Under daylight, my pic is blur >.< That's why recently I always take swatch picture with flash. Don't worry, the colour is almost the same with real life. 😉 No 2 Orange is of course an orange colour hahhaa.. I can't comment much about this colour since this is my second orange lip product ._. All I can say is I'm still not use to see my orange lips. XD XD No 3 is a kind of color change lip product. The product colour is blue but it's not blue once applied to your lips so don't worry girls! XD When applied, I can't see any colour. It looks just like clear lip balm at first, but after few seconds, the pink color will show up. It's a nice pink colour actually with purple undertone 😀   These lip crayons are quite unique because each of them is different on my lips. Both of them glides quite easily on my lips and leaves glossy finish. However with #2, the colour will look uneven as you can see on the lip swatch while I don't have any problem with #3. On the contrary, speaking about the scent, #3 has a really weird scent which I can't stand for. It smells like car perfume. 😐 The scent is so bad that I have to wipe it from my lips after few minutes >.

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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