Tony Moly Backstage Oh My Lips Review

Remember this kind of packaging from Tony Moly? Yes, you’re correct. It reminds you of their famous backstage gel eyeliner, right? This is from the backstage family too (lol i name it myself, the ‘backstage’ family xD): Backstage Oh My Lips ^^ It comes in 4 colours to choose: Dash Red, Shy Pink, Crazy Orange, and Mystery Plum. I choose the most calm colour: Mystery Plum but seems like I was wrong 😐
The packaging is similar with Backstage Gel Eyeliner. Black glossy packaging with brush attached on it. But Backstage Gel Eyeliner is taller than this Oh My Lips. 🙂
Description from its website:
Jojoba Oil Similar structure with human’s sebum, excellent absorption, well suited for any skin type, moisturizing, soften skin without stickiness. Sweet Almond Oil ease itching, specially for dry skin, recobers tired skin to soften lip balm and tint combined lip brush container. Delivers moist lips anytime. Menthol ingredients gives cool feelings and plumping effect. More natural and vivid colour as time goes on. 4 color option. Lip brush included.
Usage: Using brush, gently apply from the center of the lips. The color goes deeper as you repeat applying.
Written in Hangeul:
Tony Moly
Backstage Oh! My Lips
04 Mystery Plum
You know, for all this time, I thought it was a lip gloss. Щ(ºДºЩ) I just found out that it is actually a tinted lip balm when I was searching for the description just now on their website. -_-” Haha.. This kind of thing could happen when you bought the product just because of the packaging, not because you need it :p
The texture of the lip balm is like gel. I really wanna grab the lip part, the pink lip part on the middle, but I couldn’t reach it because of the white gel surrounding it. ._. The lip part is just too cute, how can Tony Moly think of this kind of packaging? >.< The Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub is also comes in lip packaging right? Aaaaaaa.. Closer look to the brush. The handle is too short in my opinion, I like longer brush to make it more comfortable when I use it. The bristles is soft but because of the gel texture of the lip balm, I find it a little bit difficult to set the lip balm to the brush and then apply it to my lips. That's why you can see from the pic above that the lip balm is kinda messy ._.  Let's see the swatch on my lip 🙂 before after Soon as I apply it to my lips, I can feel the cooling sensation, probably because of the menthol ingredients. It moistures my lips for about two hours. Although it's a tinted lip balm, it will soon fade away after I eat something. I thought it will last longer, just like lip tint, but unfortunately it doesn't. It's not too glossy but still has little glossy effect. I can feel cherry flavour on my lips when I use it 😀 The colour is not as soft as what I have expected. I'm a big fan of pink colour so from the colour chart pic, I thought it would be pink colour. But it's neither soft pink nor red, maybe it's just like its name: plum colour. And yes the colour goes more vivid if you apply it more than one times. 🙂  What I like:   Cute packaging Moisturize my lips Makes my lips look healthier because of its colour Cooling sensation What I dislike: Because of the gel texture, it will be a little bit messy when taking the products with the attached brush The brush handle is too short Rating: 3,5 out of 5. Have you tried this cute tinted lip balm? ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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