Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care System 3 Step Lip Essence Review

Lips is one part of my face that I really taken care of. It’s extremely important to have healthy lips so that you can use any lip product without having to worry that it will show chapped lips or dry lips. I’m so happy to receive Brilliant Loveheart Lip Essence as part of my January Beauty Box from BNT News ^^
Actually the lip essence is part of their 3 step lip care system, starting from the lip mask, lip gel patch and the last step is the lip essence. J
The packaging is very simple but very sweet with the soft pink colour for the box . <3 The English description is well written at the back of the box to give you enough explanation about how to use the product. The lip essence comes in a dispense pump type. The tube colour is the same with the box colour: soft pink. It’s not too big, not too small, easy to take it anywhere. To avoid having too much product than what I actually need, I press it slowly to have the right amount I want. The lip essence colour is pink but once applied on lips, it gives a clear healthy lips look which I love so much 😀 At one point, I feel it’s like a lip gloss, it’s sticky at first but you don’t have to worry because you won’t feel any stickiness after few seconds. But don’t underestimate it, because it’s really moisturize my lips and fulfill it’s duty without leaving any stickiness. It’s a new experience for me because I never use any lip balm that feel the same way as this lip essence. It has a subtle grape scent hihi <3 From the very first time I use it, I can feel that it’s really working. I don’t have chapped lips at the moment, but dry lips yes. It can heal my dry lips problem and make my lips look healthy as what I shown you on pic above. Retailed on 20,000KRW, the price maybe expensive for just lip essence but you have to try it to know the difference between this lip essence and other lip balm/lip essence that is cheaper because the quality is different. I think the result will be even more optimum if I use two other products from this lip care system. ^^ Thank you BNT News for sending me this lip essence, it’s definitely one of my favourite lip care product right now. Now I’m curious to try other Brilliant product, especially the one for wrinkle ^^    

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Written by virgo

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