Tony Moly Masquerade 4D White Mask Review

Hello girls.. I just want to make short review about this mask sheet. See the pink color and the masquerade? I couldn’t hold myself from buying this since I saw it hahahaha… xD It’s available in two color: white and black, though for me the white color is more to pink color. :p
I tried to find the product description on Google but I couldn’t find one. 😐 So I suppose it’s for whitening effect and it’s 32mL. What’s new for me is the 4D word. I ever used Etude’s 3D mask and know the difference between 3D mask and ordinary mask is it covers till neck. What about 4D mask? From the illustration above you can see that there’s a part of the mask that we can secure at our ear so the mask stay still at its place. 
The sheet is quite thick, I don’t know what is the material of it ._.
This is the connector part to the ear.
Me using the mask sheet, look like a ninja -_-
Actually the mask is too big for my face, you can see that it covers upper part of my mouth ._. It’s instructed to use around 20-30 minutes but I used it almost for one hours, until I felt that the sheet was already dried. Although it’s 32ml, I don’t think that the essence is that much. It’s not too watery and kinda difficult to absorb to my face, maybe because of the material of the mask sheet.
What I like:
 cute packaging
 nice scent, not too strong floral scent
 feel the cooling sensation once I use it
 affordable price
What I dislike:
 the whitening effect is just temporary
 although it’s 32mL, but i don’t think that the essence is that much.
Nothing special about this mask. Maybe I can see the whitening effect after I used the mask, but it’s not last long. I still prefer My Beauy Diary mask to this mask. But if you are curious about the whitening effect or maybe interested in the black masquerade mask, then you should give it a try. 🙂

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. aww too bad that the whitening is just temporary….now I know whats the difference of 3D and 4D…keke..all along I thought they were similar and they just increase it to 4 just so people would be curious what 4D is all about…I guess in the near future there will be 5 and 6D's lolz…Great review ^_~

  2. Happy birthday dear, ! 😀 semoga blog nya makin suksesss ^^ makin cantiikkk, diberi kemudahan dalam segala sesuatunya! dan semoga ketemu lagi di event2 selanjutnya… God bless you! ^_^

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