Who is Rilakkuma lovers here? Raise your hand! I love Rilakkuma since it’s so cute but not really a hard fans though hahaha.. Still when I saw it on A’Pieu’s instagram page, I can’t resist to own it and so here I am now, writing review about one of two a’Pieu x Rilakkuma collaboration that I have, it’s none other than the cushion! 😀    
I have heard so many good things about A’Pieu cushion, from the first release (the blue case) until the most recent Doraemon edition. I don’t know whether this Rilakkuma edition is the same with the previous editions, but let’s hope it’s good and worth the hype!    
A’pieu is known for their affordable prices with good quality products and this one is no exception.
It is sold on KRW11,800 with one refill inside, super cheap right? 😀 
As it is collaboration with Rilakkuma, of course the packaging is filled with Rilakkuma character and yellow color. I don’t really like yellow color but this one looks cute enough thanks to the Rilakkuma character :p    
The air puff is in rilakkuma edition too hehehe.. Though most of air puff looks the same, but when I used them, I can feel a bit difference. This air puff is a bit bouncy.    
First thing that is really noticeable is the scent. The scent is quite strong for the first few minutes you apply it, it is a rose scent. I’m just not a fans of rose scent 😐 The product gives medium to high coverage. Well honestly I didn’t realize the coverage is really good until I took before-after photo above hahaha.. It gives slightly dewy finish, not really glowing like Laneige BB Cushion. One thing that really comes to my attention is how it sometimes accentuate dry patch on my skin. I believe that I have oily combination skin which means my cheeks are not dry, maybe dry in some areas like side of the nose and yet it makes my face looks dry. D: I think that it’s more suitable for people with oily skin.    
Well, to be honest I expect more from this cushion as I read many good reviews about it but I think maybe it’s just not for me. I bought it just because of the Rilakkuma design so I guess I shouldn’t complain much hahaha.. It does decent job but nothing extraordinary from it. If your face is normal-oily skin type, I guess this cushion will just perform well. But for someone like me, I think I need something that works better :p
Have you tried anything from A’Pieu x Rilakkuma collaboration? Stay tune for the blusher review! ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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