3 Concept Eyes Lip Marker Review

My previous two review for Korean Noona are about Etude House products, but today I will review other brand that is trending right now in Indonesia, yes it’s 3 Concept Eyes a.k.a 3CE. The one I will review is the lip marker. 😀
From so many 3ce products, I didn’t really know about the lip marker, I think most people is more interested in their lip lacquer and lip pigment. When I went to Batam, coincidentally Korean Noona was having bazaar so I went there and tried out some of the tester, including this lip amrker.
I’ve tried Peripera’s marker before but I don’t really like it, the texture is quite runny, a bit disappointing for me. How about 3ce lip marker? Let’s start!
As usual, 3ce’s packaging is very simple, unlike other  Korean brand which have cute and girly concept. What’s funny is I like the packaging, I don’t know why. Maybe because of the 3ce logo? :p
There are 3 colours for the lip marker which are red, pink and orange. Of course I will choose the pink one XD
When look at it closely, it’s really similar to marker, moreover because the colour is all black. But fortunately, at the bottom part of the tube, the colour is the same as the lip markers colour so you can easily differentiate them if you have more than one.
The marker’s colour is unique, isn’t it? Looks like some sort of pink coral. I hope the colour on my lips will turn out like that XD
The pink colour is very natural, either on my hand or my lips. It looks like as if your lips colour is naturally like that. It’s not too pink, it’s more like pink with hint of red. I think that it will be like most of pink lip tint out there, which is brighter, or at least maybe it will look the same with the colour on bottom part of the tube but I was wrong hahahaha.
The pink is not like my expectation, but at least it’s similar to the colour on the marker.
When applied on lips, it realy feels like you are using marker. The consistency is perfect, neither too runny nor too thick and it’s unscented :O Because of the colour and the texture, as I said before, it looks really really natural on my lips (as the photo above). I can’t say that it’s matte, because it looks like as if I am not applying anything on my lips XD
For the staying power, I can say that it’s just got average mark from me. It can stay for 3 or 4 hours without eating or drinking. But after eating/drinking, the colour will start to fade away. For swatch in my hand that I’ve showed you before, I didn’t wash it right away after taking photo of it. I just left it like that and after I washed my hand, or rubbed it, the colour still stays there :O So I think it’s waterproof but not oilproof? Hahahhaa :p
For these photos below, I used lip concealer before used the lip marker and turns out I like this colour better 😀 
I can say that all of 3ce’s products that I have tried so far really have a nice quality, including this lip marker. The price may be slightly higher than other brand, but it’s worth it 😉
Don’t forget to check out other 3ce’s product at Korean Noona, I think their price is really competitive compared to other ol shop 😀
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