Coastal Scents Divine Line "Raven" Gel Eyeliner Review

Hello everybody.. Anybody miss me? :p Well I couldn’t blog these days because it’s super busy in the office and when I went home, all I wanna do was just lay down and watch drama ._. But now I’m back (^0^) I promised to myself that i will blog more often, especially during this holiday, to cover my absence this past few weeks. ^^
So what’s on my review list today? It’s gel eyeliner from Coastal Scents, called Divine Line. I bought black colour (Raven) when it’s on sale. There’s no special reason why I bought it, it’s just because my Tony Moly backstage gel eyeliner will soon run out.
It comes in this kind of box, smaller on top and bigger on bottom so to take out the gel eyeliner, I do it from bottom. 
The packaging of the eyeliner is simple, just like other gel eyeliner out there imo (and exactly the same like my Holika Holika Melomovie Gel Eyeliner, except for the packaging colour :p). The word “Divine Line” is printed there and also “” on the other side. 
That is the ingredients of the gel eyeliner and it’s made in USA 🙂
That’s the brush that comes along with the gel eyeliner. The quality is fine, soft and a bit pointy at the end to make it easier for us to draw thin line. But yeah I think it can’t be as thin as using pen eyeliner.
Swatches on my hand. From just one swipe to four of five swipes.. hahaha.. The colour is pure black, there is no any shimmer or glitter which is good 😀 And I think the colourpayoff is good too, although it’s not that black for one swipe, but I never use just once swipe, at least I need two or three swipes so it’s okay 😀
I tried to rub it a few times and you can see that the upper line smudge. Well, it’s because that line is the last line I drew and it’s not completely dry when I rub it so it smudged. But it look just fine right with the other line? So don’t rub it when it isn’t completely dry if you don’t want any smudge. Besides that, I can tell it’s smudgeproof. 🙂
After that, I placed my hand under running water from the tap. Then, I rub it again. But yes, it’s still there. You can see that there’s nothing difference between this pic and pic before this one, except for the water. :p So it’s waterproof 😀
One point that sometimes become a minus point for me is that it dries fast and makes my brush harden. So before I finished drawing the line, the brush already getting hard and I need to use other brush. -,- Uhmm, I think it’s like that after 5 or more minutes. Because I am doing makeup in the car and it makes me slower to draw eyeline with it so yeah, I have to prepare two brush when I want to use this at car or when I want to draw cat eyes (drawing cat eyes takes more time for me than usual eye line). Other than that, I don’t have any problems with this gel eyeliner. 
What I like:
solid black colour
nice colour payoff
comes with its own brush that makes it ideal for travelling
smudgeproof and waterproof
What I dislike:
it dries fast that makes my brush harden before I finish drawing line
Rating: 4 out of 5
Repurchase or not: No, I prefer Korean brand :p

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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