Clio Art Shadow Review

Let me introduce you to my favorite eyeshadow at the moment which is from Clio: Art Shadow. Honestly I didn’t think that it will become one of my favorite product but apparently it does. XD
Clio Art Shadow comes in a kind of creepy illustrations on the box, I should say. For other people, it maybe kind of art, but for me it looks creepy >.< Anyway, I love the mint and black colour combinations.   I had no intention to buy eye shadow when I went to Clio's store since I rarely use it for daily makeup but there was a 30% sale at that time and I should grab what I can grab while I still have chance right. So because of the good deal, I purchased this one in 410 Forte Orange Brown. Can you imagine the color inside already? 😉   Sorry, I can't agree with "artistic package makes your eyes happy" for this eyeshadow >.< I was quite amazed to see that it is formulated in Italy. ^^   If I say: "Find the difference between the box and the product!" Can you answer it? I'm sure you can! XD They look similar when you just look in a glance, but if you take a look more closely, on the product there is flowers illustration and the brand name is put in the middle.   The product itself is quite compact and it's perfect for traveling. But I have that habit to not throw away the box unless it has become very dirty or ugly so I still carry this around with the box 😀   It's good that the expiry date is 24 months after opened. Still a long way to go.     There are 20 colors in total, all looks very pretty I should say. *.*   So when you open the case, you can see the round mirror and the applicator. There's a plastic separator so the eyeshadow powder won't get the mirror dirty.   Clio Art Shadow is a baked eyeshadow, which you can apply either in wet or dry condition.    So started from the left side. It's a white colour that is suitable for inner eye corner area. The next color is peach orange colour, which is very wearable for everyday, even with only one colour on my eyelid, it still doesn't look weird 😀 And the last one is dark brown colour.   As most Korean eyeshadow, this one also has shimmery finish. But it's very very subtle and not like disco ball, so it's still wearable for everyday look. ^^   The pigmentation is ok, not very sheer and not very pigmented though.    Well, everytime I want to use eyeshadow, I always wish that I had double eyelid. T.T Thank God, I can still have temporary double eyelid when using fake lashes XD   -travel friendly - three wearable colours - shimmery finish - quite pigmented   - slightly more expensive compared to other Korean trio eyeshadow     Retailed on KRW15,000, I think that it is slightly more expensive than other Korean brands, but as we know that Clio products is one step above the average Korean brand so it's still tolerable. Lucky me, I got 30% discount hihi..    

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Hi ! I actually really like the packaging and find the illustration and colors really unique. I must have a look at these because I love the compactness of eyeshadow trios. It's a shame they are not more pigmented, but sometimes too much pigment can be bad. Thanks for your review!

  2. Hi Kine ^^
    Yes I think some people will love ghe illustration, actually I quite like the other illustration :p

    Yeahh the pigmentation is not a problem for me, I like it that way, but you know sometimes people want very very pigmented eyeshadow, that's why I mention it here that the pigmentation is just so so.

    Anyway thanks for reading Kine! :*

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