Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Review

One of the most important part of makeup is brow. Once my friend said to me that she will never leave home withour drawing her eyebrow and she said that without drawing it, she feels bald. Hahhaa..
At that time, I don’t understand that statement but now after entering this makeup world, I think I understand now. :p
Especially to achieve that Korean look, eyebrow plays very important look. Korean girls are famous for their straight eyebrow. By having straight eyebrow, we can achieve younger look (that’s what they said). 
The easiest way to have that straight eyebrow is drawing it using some sort of brow crayon. Okay actually I don’t know what should we call it, at least that is what I can think about it. Each Korean brand have this kind of eyebrow crayon, but today I want to talk about the famous Etude House Drawing Eye Brow.
The packaging is just simple. There are six colours available: dark brown, light brown, brown, dark gray, gray, and black.
Mine is no 3 brown colour. The cap colour is the same as the eyebrow colour. 
There are two side: one side is the crayon and the other side is the brush.
Swatch on my hand. The colour looks soft and natural, right? 🙂
Drawing eye brow is so easy to use, even for beginner. You just need to swipe it slowly starting from middle part, then fill other part. The most precise part you can create with such brow crayon is the end part, with the triangular shape, it’s easy to make the triangular shape.
I really love using drawing eye brow. When I go to office, I prefer using brow powder while when I hang out with friend or taking selca pic, I prefer using Drawing Eye Brow because the result will be more obvious. I never can use eyebrow pencil, the result is always unnatural so I give up and prefer brow crayon and brow powder. 
The minus point of Etude House Drawing Eye Brow is it’s too mini. I wish it was longer >.< But it's okay since Etude House sells the refill so we don't always need to buy another one when runnng out of it. And it's easily broken so you better be careful. Now that I know it's easy to break, I always be careful on it and never experience the broken drawing eye brow anymore :p     You can buy this at Koreabuys with very affordable price. It's a nice product to fill up your brow easily  and precisely. ^^   By the way, voting for Laneige Beautiful Blogger Challenge is still on progress and I need your help to vote for me there.   You can vote for me here: and you can do it  once daily until June 26. I really hope for your help to vote me to become Laneige Local Brand Ambassador. ^^          

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Written by virgo

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