Etude House Ice Tint Balm Review

One of Etude House latest release for their Summer 2014 Collection is Ice Tint Balm. I tried it on their store and found it quite unique so I bought two colours to try out. 😉
There are 6 colours available: PP501, RD301, OR201, PK001, PK002, and PP502. I picked PK 001 and PP501.
The box has different colours, matching the tint balm colour. The packaging as usual is cute <3           The name is so summer: PK001 Tropical Dream and PP501 Blueberry Lover hihi..   The packaging is very standard. Nowadays I find Etude House packaging is not as cute as in the past, I wonder why 🙁 It is made of plastic and looks cheap imo. The 'ice tint balm' words that are in yellow colour looks very contrast with the packaging colour.   See? It's really very very new. It's manufactured last month XD     So this is how the stick looks like. That's exactly how long they are. The PK001 colour on the stick kinda confused me, why do the colour have to be like orange colour? ._.         The name 'ice tint balm' is chosen not without any reason. Once you applied it, you will feel that it's cold, either on your lips or hand or anywhere XD It is indeed lip tint created for summer, you need anything cold to help relieve hot weather. You can feel the cold sensation for several seconds.   It is creamy and easily glides on lips. It is pigmented enough for tint balm, you can see from swatch above how the colour looks like if you just apply one swipe. However, the color sometimes is not even, so I have to add it again on part that is not covered by the balm.    It has a strong blueberry scent that makes my head dizzy. I don't like the scent, I prefer something more subtle -_-   It doesn't really moisturizing, so I think it's not lip balm, but just a mere lip tint in balm type.   Butttttt the good thing is the staying power. I got lot of questions asking what lip tint that can stays all day, something like that. Honestly, I always feel that most lip products are just the same. How can you expect them to stay all day on your lips after you eat and drink? And with that affordable price, I think it's impossible. That's why I never write about staying power of lip product. Sometimes maybe, if they are good enough. But this one is different. Seriously the staying power is freakin good! It stays all day, even after I eat and drink, even after I take a bath and wash my face. :O      I bought these product before I saw the color system image, in my opinion the color system image sometimes can be misleading because the color is not as vibrant as that, I don't know how many times they apply the ice tint balm to get that colour :p   PK001 Tropical Dream is a typical pink colour, which has orange undertone. PP501 is a berry colour with purple undertone. Since trying Etude House Rosy Tint Lips no. 8, i have fallen in love with berry shade and I think this shade makes me look fairer *.*   *using PK001*   *using PP501*       - cold sensation when applied - great lasting power! - nice colour   - strong blueberry scent - not moisturizing enough     Sold at KRW8,000 or USD8, I think this is a must-have product if you are looking for lip tint that can stays all day. Maybe it's not moisturizing enough, but you can always apply lipbalm before. Plus the cold sensation which is quite unique that you don't want to miss :p     So that's all for my review. Which color do you like? ^^        

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Honestly, if I didn't come across your review I would have skipped this product all together because I'm not that interested in lip balms. But after reading your review, the Ice Tint Balm seems promising! *___* It's so difficult to find lip products that doesn't leave a weird stain on lips, more so a lip product that has amazing staying power. So I think I'll take a look in this when I'm in Seoul. Thank you for the review, the colors look lovely on you btw. 😀

  2. I really like how PK001 turned out! They kind of remind me of drugstore lipbalms, or lip smackers (I don't know if you have that where oyu live @@).

    I kind of want to try it out just for the cooling sensation because it's summer here OTL

  3. omg I saw the advertisement on facebook and wanted to get this >.< ! The cooling effect sounds so cool and the pink color is really pretty on your lips (I think even better than the berry color tbh) ^-^* This product sounds even more interesting afterreading your review, I will get one when I'm in HK 😀 Thanks for the review, ~^^

    Mindy ♥

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