Finally I will go to South Korea! :D

Finally I will go to Korea tonight. So happy! After waiting for around 5 months since I won KMost Look Competition from Face Shop, finally the day has come πŸ˜€
Ticket check, visa check, travelling notes check!
Here is my luggage in purple colour. Yeay.. (^0^)/
Can you see what’s inside? I haven’t packed everything into it but I think it already represents all I bring. Can you see there is another bag inside? xD Just in case my luggage is overweight when I come back later, so I take this hand carry bag.
I really try not to bring so much thing, just few clothes, skincare and the rest is oleh-oleh for my Korean onni . I travel alone from here to there but thanx God she wants to accompany me during my visit so I think I should buy her something. πŸ˜€
Do you know this? I don’t know what it’s called but I like to eat this and bring her some, I hope she like it.
Kripik Balado from Padang. She requested this and this one tastes really good :9
Another one is Teh Asli. She only said Teh Asli and my mom said there are two teabags called Teh Asli so she bought two brands. LOL.Β 
The last one is novels. She asked me to bring Indonesian books. She ever stayed in Indonesia and we met when I was in university and stayed in kosan. Maybe she doesn’t want to forget Bahasa so she asked me to bring books. And I just bought these books without knowing are they good or not. I hope they are πŸ˜€
These are some pouchs that I will bring: left for makeup, middle for softlens, and right one for cables.
I just bring makeup essentials that I use everyday and are my favourites. That small jar I just received today, I tried Channel CC Cream from Ce Bebe. Just now I tried it and it’s good so I decided to bring it πŸ˜€
These are for skin care, cleansing and hand cream. I decided to just take sample size skin care and facial foam. >.< taken from I set the travelling date to mid April so I can see cherry blossom. The images above is Spring Flower Festival Β at Yeouido Park that will start on April 12. πŸ˜€ But recently the tensions are high in Korean Peninsula between North and South. I hope nothing goes wrong and things will go on normally πŸ™ Please help to pray for it.Β  By the way, I will not only visiting Seoul, but also Daejeon and Jeonju. XD Too bad I can't visit Jeju Island, it must be so beautiful on spring day (Obsessed with Spring Waltz K-drama!), I hope there will be another chance for me in the future to visit Jeju Island. πŸ™‚ I will try to upload my photos on instagram, twitter, facebook and path so make sure to follow my sns account if you want to know how is my trip going on ^^ That's all for now and see you!

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Written by virgo

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