Korea Trip: Summer 2014 Day 5 Garosugil – Edae

Back to my Korea Trip story.
 That day, we decided to have a brunch on Hongdae area at 신선설농탕 (Sinseon Seolnongtang). Sinseon Seolnongtang is a restaurant specializing in ox-bone soap. 
For me, the taste is too plain. I added so much salt to make it taste better. It all depends on preference. I like salty food so this one doesn’t meet my standard hahaha.. But the meat is so soft and delicious. In the end, I still finished it hehehhe :3
We were craving for milk tea since it’s so hot that day so we went to Gong Cha to have a drink first before starting our journey. :p
Our first destination was SM Ent, located in Apgujeong area. 😀
After arriving at Apgujeong Rodeo station, I felt the difference. The station looks much more grand, maybe because it’s in Gangnam area hahaha.. And we spotted this DSP area. Karaaaaaaa *.*
With my favourite member: Gyuri and Hara ^^
Rainbow ~ 
Then we took such a longggggggggg walk to SM building. I don’t even remember the route now hahaha.. The sun was so bright and i really felt give up but thinking about EXO, I gained my strength and continued the walk XD
Huahhh finally we arrived at front of SM building. You can see this playground in front of the building.
We were hoping that we could see some SM artists. “But don’t put your hope too much, Ci!,” said Filia. Okay Fil, of course not. I couldn’t imagine that I could meet EXO members in real life hahhaa.. So yeahhh our 30 minutes or more of waiting gave nothing and in the end we decided to go to other Ent. 
We lost our way when trying to go to JYP and Cube area so we took a cab there hahaha XD
 Not really a fan of JYP artists so just took some pics and then went to Cube Cafe.
Kyaaaa BEAST *.*
Too bad the cafe was full. I really wanted to spend time there, since I like BEAST :(((
After taking some pics, we left the Cafe to go to Cube Ent building.
I want that mint car, so cute *.*
It seems like there was no movement in Cube Ent building so we were lazy to wait for the artists hahaha.. We headed to our next destination, which was Garosugil. 😀
Garosugil was full of people. I wondered whether it is always like that everyday, but I guessed yes.
On our way, we saw this cute store called Jaju. Let’s take a look at the store!
I really wanted to buy the candle :(((
STRESSED <--> DESSERTS, never thought of that before :p
It’s a large store with 3 or 4 floor (I forgot). I hope this store will be available soon in Indonesia (you wish, Rin XP)
Garosugil is also known for the cafe or coffee shop so this time we also walked around to see which cafe should we visit.
After long searching, we found this cafe 😀 Will post about it in separate post ^^
Finally I got a chance to take photo with this big bear that I saw on my previous Garosugil trip 😀
From Garosugil, we went to Ewha Women University (Edae). 🙂
Can you believe that it’s around 6 or 7 pm at that time but it still looked that bright? So happy about this actually, so although it’s almost evening, but it still feels like afternoon :p
Edae will always be one of my favourite place on Seoul :*
Then we looked around Edae area.
We went inside Kosney.
After some shopping, we decided to have dinner before heading back to apartment. I wanted to eat Korean BBQ so Filia searched it on Naver. We just randomly picked one restaurant around Sinchon area because we coulnd’t find any Korean BBQ restaurant in Edae area, maybe because it’s women university and usually women always on diet right? ^^”
The restaurant is not too big and the surrounding area is quiet. I was quite afraid because some ahjussi were having drink near us and talking in loud voice hahaha.. That’s a common sight actually but I don’t know why I still felt like that :p
In the end
, we finished our food and went back to apartment using cab (again) since it’s still in the same area which is Mapo 😀

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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