Korea Romantic Winter Tour Day 5: Sansawon, Myeongjiwon, Lotte Fit-in and Ongkijongki

Finally last two day of my trip! Well nothing much happened on last day because I spent most of the day in hotel and airport. Hihi..
I’ve been delaying this post for too long, sorry all >.<   So that day we went to Sansawon at Pyeongchang.         We would learn how to brew rice liquor ourselves. Yeahhh 😀     First of all, our instructor explained first to us about liquor in Korea, the composition, and so on. It's an exciting learning because there is no such education here. 🙂   After that, we started the process of making the drink step by step. Each of us got rice and yeast.           We sat in several rows hihi..      First, we put the rice inside of cloth and steam it there for a few minutes (I forgot how many minutes exactly) ._.     After taking out the rice from the boiler, open up the cloth and spread the rice so it can cool up faster.   Fill water into the jar approximately as shown in the picture.   Then put the yeast inside the water.     The instructor kindly helped me with the rice 😀   Make the rice into ball shape and place it inside the jar. ^^   And you're done. 😀   See my weird face? XD   It's not ready to drink yet. We have to wait until 6 or 7 days. Too bad we couldn't take it back to our home, I'm really curious with my own brewed drink taste >.<     After that, we took a short tour inside Sansawon and saw drinks that they sold and we can try it. Hihi..      I tried several and I like the upper left the best <3 <3 It's makgeolli hihi.   Had a toast with my friend, Tim 😀   To make sure that we drink it all :p   It looks like milk, eh? :p   I forgot but I think this one has grape flavour.       There are also dummy food in the display. I like the upper right one ^^    And the upper left one XD       It's in countryside, so peaceful there. 🙂       Before we left, we took a look around Sansawon area.   Just like historical drama setting 😀     And wow giant liquor storage :O               Next, we headed to Myeongjiwon for lunch. :3         Got an award as the restaurant of the best taste in Gyeonggi. Cool!   I think the price is very reasonable.       The menu is Pocheon Idonggalbi, usually cut in thin slices across the bones, and marinated before grilling. Indonggalbi, using toothpick between two bones in their recipe, had started in Idong-myun, Pocheon. The name itself is originated from Idong-myun.       I think those pictures are enough to tell you that it is really delicious! Nom nom nom :9        It's almost 3pm when we finished our lunch. Very late lunch I should say ._.   Sunset that I saw on our way back to Seoul.   Next we went to Lotte Fit-in, Dongdaemun to have last minute shopping. Lotte fit-in is the newest shopping mall which opened in May, 2013. You can meet the easy wear as well as brand clothes that are leading fashion of Korea's young generation designed by those who came from Hongdae/Itaewon/Garosu-gil.           See my happy face inside Etude House's store? Huahahhaa XD   After finished shopping for around 1 o5 1,5 hours (I forgot), we went to our dinner place: Ongkijongki at Seongbuk-gu, Seoul. Honestly, I was still very full and couldn't eat much. ._.             Looks so delicious but because I was so full, I was not interested to eat it T.T   At the end of our dinner time, Buzz Korea team announced winner. At the beginning of our tour, they have told us that the one who uploaded the most on SNS will get special prize at the end of our tour.   And so sweet of them, I never expected there are many categories and each of us got the prize. :')        Actually I was quite sad at that moment because the tour would end soon. T.T    Because the time was quite late already, we went back to hotel and say goodbye to each other. :'(      After that, me, Seol Ki, Lily and her brother, Lichee, Junyi, Viru, and Ed went to noraebang nearby. Hihhi.. It's so funny, still remember how Ed perform Sistar's Alone dance and Lily sand What The Fox Says song. XD   Anyway, thank you so much Buzz Korea, Amelie, Sujin, Bruce, Duke, Yuri, Seol Ki, Lichee, Junyi, Lily, Alyna, Shuki, Tim, Viru, Ed, JN, and others that I don't mentioned here for a great Romantic Winter Tour with you. It's really a great experience for me to be able to travel in Korea with you guys. :')   I hope there is another opportunity for me to be able to go to Korea again to explore places I never went before. ^^                

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Written by virgo

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