Graymelin Control Sharp Liner Review

After satisfied with Graymelin BB Cream and Tattoo Eyebrow from the previous BNTNews Beauty Box, this time I got a chance to try their eyeliner: Control Sharp Liner in Brown shade.
The eyeliner also comes in a box but unlike the previous two products which have black colourx box, surprisingly this box is in white colour. It looks very clean and simple, isn’t it?
There is no any English description on the box, but since it’s an eyeliner and there’s a waterproof word In the name, I think it summarizes all think that we need to know. But thankfully they have the list of ingredients in English.
The eyeliner tube is in white colour too, only the cap and the bottom part is in deep brown colour. It looks so simple and cheap in my opinion ._.
What’s unique from this eyeliner is that the ink will come out if you press the bottom part. It reminds me of Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner which use almost same mechanism to let the ink out.
See? Since it’s a brand new product, the brush is still in white colour. XD Actually I was a little skeptical when saw the brush for the first time because some of the strands are not gathered together.
Slowly I pressed the bottom part once, but nothing came out. Then I pressed it two or three times again and then finally the ink came out. I learn that I need around three time pressing for lining both my eyes.
As the name indicate, it’s a brown colour. In my mind, I was expecting soft brown colour but turns out it’s a deep brown colour, the bolder it is, the more it resembles black colour. And it has shimmer! I was like: 😐
Because you know, I like shimmery eyeliner but just in special occasion. I prefer it matte actually so I can use it anywhere without looking like having too much makeup.
The pigmentation is great, even with just one application, the colour is vibrant already. I said that at first I was skeptical about the brush but turns out that there is nothing to worry about. The brush works great, it can create perfect line without having to worry that the line will smear. 😀 I’m very satisfied with it!
It’s waterproof as you can see, but it’s not smudgerpoof. 🙂
I thought that my eyes will look so bling bling because of the shimmery but actually after applied it on my eyes, I can hardly see the shimmer. It looks just like matte eyeshadow. Yeay! And as I said before, it looks just like black colour. I wonder how is the black colour, it must be so dark and pigmented. ^^
Afterall, I’m really satisfied with this eyeliner. I guess the saying: don’t judge a book by it’s cover is true, because although the packaging looks cheap and simple, actually there is a great product inside. It’s comparable with my favourite eyeliner and I wish I could repurchase this eyeliner but the black one!

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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