Mei Linda Perfect Storm Magic Eyeliner Review

Hello girls!~  Today I want to introduce you to my current favourite eyeliner: Mei Linda Perfect Storm Magic Eyeliner. ^^
The packaging looks quite elegant, with combination of black and gold colour. 
 Don’t you think that the name is like Chinese name (or am I the only one who think like that? ._.) ? But actually it’s from Thailand so maybe most of you don’t know about this eyeliner. 😉
The design on the tube of the eyeliner is very similar with the design on the box. The dots that create a line surrounding the perfect storm name looks quite “wow”. The name itself is wow already: perfect storm ahahaha XD
Anyway the tube itself is in black colour, like most eyeliners out there. 
It’s a brush type eyeliner. There’s no English description on the packaging whether is’s a marker, pen, or brush type eyeliner but I’m glad it’s a brush one because I like it more than pen or marker type.
What I like from brush type eyeliner is that it doesn’t hurt my eyes because the brush is flexible. The tip is thin to make it easier to draw thin line but it’s easy to draw bold line too so don’t worry.
I guess you know my favourite eyeliner right from Korean brand? Well I can say that this eyeliner quality is comparable to my favourite eyeliner! The colour is intense black and the brush is easy to control!
And it’s waterproof which is true to its name. Hahaha..
But yeah it’s not smudgeproof if you have poured water into it. Most eyeliners fail this test too so I’m okay with it. 
One thing which quite annoying is that after several hours, the colour transferred to my lower lash line area, makes me look like panda >.< That happens because I sweat and the weather is hot. But still it doesn't happen to my liquid eyeliner. 😐   See how black it is? ♥♥♥   - brush liner - intense black colour - waterproof   - transfer to my waterline in hot weather after several hours           I think this eyeliner is worth to try. Honestly I never think that Thailand eyeliner will be this good. Hehehe.. The price is considered cheap for such quality 😉   Where you can get this? You can get it from Ms Lie Collection here. It's ready stock and hand carry from Thailand so it's original. ^^   Ms Lie Collection Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Line, Kakao Talk, Whatsapp: 0899 8175 285 BB Pin: 2B329D0C   Don't forget to use code: RINI01 when checkout to get free samples and free shipping for minimal purchase Rp150.000.   That's all for today! Thanks for reading ^^        

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. You look gorgeous ^^ I love how the eyeliner looks on you. Too bad it transfers to your waterline in hot weather- I hate it when eyeliners do that. > < If only there was an eyeliner that's sweat proof so it won't give me "panda eyes" in the summer. What's your favorite Korean eyeliner?

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