Nature Republic Snail Solution Set Review

If you have read my Mizon Snail Cream review, you must realized now how I love snail based product! I even repurchased the Mizon Snail Cream. 
And I am so happy to be able to try other snail product from different brand, thanks to BNT News! You must be familiar with this brand: Nature Republic. ^^
I received it in a set, consists of: Skin Booster, Emulsion, and the Cream. 
I believe that there are another snail products from Nature Republic that comes in silver colour packaging. I don’t know what’s the difference with this one, though I’m curious. >.<   Anyway, back to the topic, because it's a set, they don't come in a box, and there isn't any English description about this product, so I have to search online.    I like how they come in olive green colour I think they look like high-end skin care products. 🙂   The skin booster and emulsion come in a same size: 30mL. At first, I didn't understand what's the meaning of 90, 80, and 70 included in the Snail Solution name but now I get it. 90, 80, and 70 are the percentages of the snail secretion filtrate. So for the skin booster, it contains 90% snail secretion filtrate, and for the emulsion, it contains 80% snail secretion filtrate. ^^   Revitalizing & Moisturizing Nature Republic Snail Solution is an intensive skin care line that contains the secretion filtrate of snails obtained from pristine areas. It makes the skin look healthy and luminous by providing vitality to distressed skin. (taken from Testerkorea)     As I have already expected for mini size toner and emulsion, they always come in this kind of packaging. Since these are snail products, which mean they are quite sticky, it's hard to take out the products. I have to always put them upside down and shake them hard to let the products out, kinda tiring actually. 😐 And they come in the same colour so I have to always look at the name first to avoid wrong order of application.   The cream comes in a really bulky packaging.    But I really like the lid! 😀       Snail Solution 70 Cream (55ml) [Brightening and Wrinkle-Improving] The cream contains 70% snail secretion filtrate and improvement damaged skin by providing vitality to distressed skin. It brightens the skin and reduces wrinkles. (taken from Testerkorea)     The cream comes in a white colour.   So this is how the three products look like. The skin booster looks like just water, it's transparent and the consistency is more sticky than any toner I ever used. Despite of the quite sticky consistency, it still feels refreshing once applied on face.  The emulsion looks almost transparent, but the colour is more milky. The texture is not too thick but yes sticky.  The cream has the most sticky texture compared to the skin booster and the emulsion. I have included short video below to let you see how sticky actually it is!       They have quite strong scent, hmmm floral scent if I may say. I like the scent actually, it's so calming and makes me relaxed. But maybe people who is allergic to skincare with scent won't find these products suit their need.   I think that snail skincare products really suit me! Although it's sticky and the idea of having snail product on my face is kinda disgusting (at first), but I find out that they improve my skin conditions. Don't worry about the sticky feeling, because once it's fully absorbed unto your face, your face won't be sticky again! 😀 I have used them regularly every night for around 10 days and I really like my skin condition nowadays! I don't know if it's actually because of these products only or because of other new skincare from BNT News that I've been using too. But I tried to use only these products for 2 nights for my skincare routine and yeah no breakout! So happy (^0^)/     I really love these products and it makes me really addicted to snail skincare hahahaha XD   You can check out other BNT Girls review about these products too: Kine, Joanne, Carina, and Alene.      

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. i bought the booster, esense, ampule, cream, emulsion. but i don't know in which order i have to use them.. can you help? thanks in advance.

    i also bought the blackhead break clear mask from NR. int came in little thumb size package. i don't know how to use it either.

  2. Hey I have a question…so basically I asked my mom to buy me a cream that is made of snail so that I would get rid of my stretch marks but she bought me these snail solution cream. Is this cream going to help me?

  3. Hey I just wanted to ask you something about this product. So basically I asked my mom to buy for me a cream made with snails so that I might get rid of stretch marks. But she bought me these and I have no idea if this is the one I asked for. Also I have the kit that you also own but also a trial kit 4. So how do you use these? One after another putting anything I want first on my skin?

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