3 Concept Eyes Lip Color 604 Vamp Review

Another lip products to be added to my fall/winter collection. Yeah I know there’s no fall and winter in my country but I like the feeling, so it’s okay right? ^^
Thanks to BNT News for this 3 Concept Eyes Lip Color in Vamp. 
The box looks very attractive with the lips colour, 3 sides of the box have different lip colors but with the same “3 Concept Eyes” written on the lips, very eye-catchy, isn’t it?
The only side left without the lips picture is the area where the product name is written, mostly in Hangeul.
Volume: 3.5g
The tube has square shape, the material is in matte black colour. The logo of 3CE is at upper part of the tube while the name is at lower part of the tube. So classy.
The name of the lipstick is vamp, which directly makes me remember about Vampire. XD
3 Concept Eyes describes this color as:
Cool and Misterious Bloody Burgundy
This toned-down cool bloody burgundy creates a mystical and chic finish.
The colour on the bullet is really dark, burgundy colour, almost like brown colour. 
The first thought I have when I saw the colour in the bullet was “Hmmmm will I look like an old mother/ahjumma if I use this colour?” Hahhaa.. Well I know that recently I like to use bold colour but this one is so different from my other lippies. I have one colour that is extremely dark too, from Edward Bess and I rarely use it.
 Thank God when this lipstick applied on lips, the colour is softer and looks like combination of purple and burgundy colour. Love it!
From pic above, maybe on the left pic, it looks much drier, I don’t know why but actually it’s so creamy, just like the full lips pic! I don’t have any difficulty to apply it on my lips, it just glides on easily. The result is somehow glossy, which is the result I prefer. 😀 And not forget to mention that I can smell nothing from this lipstick. Cool, right? XD
*I think some of you have seen the tutorial, but in case you haven’t, you can check it out here.*
So as you can see, Park Sora’s lip colour and mine are different though we use the same product. Hers is burgundy colour, looks like my Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick #6. My colour is deeper and darker, but I don’t mind it because I like the colour and this is my first vampire colour lipstick. Yeay! 😀
I think it’s worth to get 5 bears because of the quality! Although it’s quite expensive, retailed on $19.71 USD, but the quality really worth the price so make sure to check it out on Style Nanda’s website. ^^
See you on my next post!

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. I really love this color lippie on you! Really like that it comes out creamy and shiny! Can't stand that some are so dry it makes your lips look not as good but this one came out really nice! The price however is a little on the higher side! Great review none the less! 🙂

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