3 Concept Eyes Lip Color #509 Violeta Review

Several months ago, I have reviewed 3CE Lip Color 604 Vamp which is perfect for fall/winter look (you can read it here). This time I will review another color from this lip color which is No. 509 Violeta ^^
As usual, the lipstick comes inside a box.
The tube has square shape. The 3CE logo is at upper part of the tube and each time I look at the logo, the more I think that it looks like Deathly Hallow symbols from Harry Potter novels. XD
Their brand new product always seals with this sticker ^^
I think by just reading the name, we can know what exactly is the colour of the lipstick right? :3
Volume: 3.5g
I think the lipstick is kinda short and if I use it everyday, I can finish it in a short time >.<             The color you see on the tube is the colour that will show up on your lips. It's a bright fuchsia colour with purple undertone. Such a lovely violet colour <3   *sorry for the messy application, was in a rush XD*   The texture is really really creamy! It just glides on smoothly on my lips. Well, the Creamy Lip Color is more creamy than this Lip Color, but sometimes the result will become messy because of the so-creamy texture. With this lip color, the texture is just exactly what I want. The finish result is glossy, which makes your lips so standout XD Another plus point from this lip colour is no scent at all. ^^     *in the room using sunlight from outside*   *in the room, using room lighting*   - classic and professional packaging - unscented - very creamy &l t;3 - glossy finish - the color on the tube is the exact color I see on my lips   none       I'm so in love with 3CE Lip Color. I would love to try more color from this collection <3 <3 <3     For those who want to buy 3CE product, you can order it from: Aurora Beautyshop Facebook: Aurora Beautyhouse Instagram: Aurora_Beautyshop Pin BB: 25D2076A Line: tanti.febryanty                

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Written by virgo

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