Etude House Play 101 Pencil Review

Hi guys! How are you?
Sorry for not posting for 1 week, sometimes I just getting lazy to write a post and ending up watching K-drama :p
But today I will post about product from Etude House which I am quite curious about. Say hello to Play 101 Pencil, multi-function makeup pencil that has 50 colours in total and can be used on your eyes, face, or lips ^^
I think this pencil is getting really popular because Etude House collaborate with Pony to do tutorial and look for this pencil. Or is that just my opinion? ._.
Etude Recipe gave me 4 colours to try: no. 7, 15, 22, and 47.
Each pencil comes in different box colour, which suits the pencil color itself.
The pencil is slim and long, with dark grey colour on the body and at the bottom, the colour matches the pencil colour. The design is far from girly, it’s not like Etude XD
Taraaa.. When you open the cap, you can immediately see the colour 😀
And it’s automatic pencil. So you can just rotate it to get the product out ^^
But Etude House also provides the sharpener. Guess what? The colour at the bottom I described previously is actually the sharpener. How cool is that? 😀
#7 is a beige colour.
#15 is a peachy pink colour.
#22 is a red colour.
#47 is a deep brown colour.
Let’s look at the color one by one:
1. No. 7
No. 7 is supposed to be used as dark-c
ircle concealer but I found out that it’s no use for my severe dark circle ._. hahaha.. Sorry I don’t include the before after picture here, all I can say is that there’s not much difference. Besides, it look cakey if I apply too much.
2. No. 15
I’ve been really wanting to try this colour since I saw Pony’s tutorial. However I’m not sure since I’m afraid that the coral colour on Pony’s lip and on my lips will look different but in the end I still choose this colour. :p
And thankfully the colour turns out as what I want 😀 It’s a peachy pink colour with glossy finish. However the texture is a bit tricky. It will look uneven on lips if the lips is a bit dry. And at first it smells like candle. Ewwww -_-
3. No. 22
This is the perfect red colour. The texture and the colour just make me fall in love! It has kind of matte/satin finish that doesn’t feel dry at all. Besides, it glides on smoothly and gives even result, much more perfect than No. 15! No weird candle scent at all. The only thing I don’t really like is because the product is very slim, it takes a long time to apply it on full lips, which is tiring sometimes XD
5. No.47
Honestly, I was hoping for lighter colour, that is suitable as eye base, or no makeup makeup look but it seems like I picked wrong colour because this shade can’t be categorized as light colour. XD It has a nice shimmering finish.
I think it’s a nice idea from Etude House to create universal makeup pencil that can be used for face, eye, or lips depending on the colour you choose. Each color has different texture and finishing, so that’s why I give rating for each product, and not for overall Play 101 Pencil. 🙂
You can buy Etude House product at Etude Recipe. The pre-order time is just one week
which means you don’t have to wait too long to get your desired products 😀 They’re fresh from the oven hihi ^^
Etude Recipe
WA/SMS: 0813 8036 6819
BB Pin: 75941C70
Line: etuderecipe
I hope this review is helpful and see you on my next post!

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Oooh, I love, love that red pencil on you ! Very glam ^.^
    The coral pencil is really sweet too – haha, but the candle scent doesn't sound that nice!
    And the sharpener on the end is a nice touch too – very convenient.
    Thanks for the reviews <3

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