Skin Food Queen’s Baking Vita Contouring Finish #1 Review

One of the cutest face product packaging that I own is from Skin Food. From its Queen’s Baking line, I can say that all of them are so adorable but in the end I only got the Vita Contouring Finish and nail polish. And today I will review the Vita Contouring Finish ^^
Isn’t it lovely? Its checkered pattern with combination of soft blue and cream colour, makes it unique and cute. Besides, the swirl makes it look elegant.
It doesn’t comes in a box, only in a plastic seal.
There are two colour available and I don’t know what came on my mind on the day I picked no. 1. I should have picked no. 2 instead >.<   When I open the compact, I can see the brush and the mirror. :3   There's a separator between the mirror and the product. Good idea, so the mirror won't get dirty easily. 😀   All I can say that it's so pretty. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Especially the middle part where the Queen's baking name and Skin Food logo are embossed there. <3 <3 <3     A - highlighter B - Cheek C - Cheek & Highlight  D & E - Shading   Let's see the swatches:   A - pure white colour with shimmer   B - soft pink colour with shimmer C - soft beige colour with shimmer   D & E - two different brown colour with little hint of shimmer     It has a very sweet candy scent which I like so much.      It's kinda powdery and not too pigmented. Or is it because I have the wrong shade, I should pick the warm shade? >.< I don't know, I just feel that the pigmentation disappoint me, even the highlighter doesn't show up really well. >.< But I like the shading "E", it's perfect to contour my nose bridge, the colour is not too strong that makes the shading look more natural.      Sold at KRW17,000, I think it's quite expensive with just so so quality. 😐 I bought it just because of the cute packaging (most of the time, that is the reason why I buy things ._.v) and lately I've been using it more ofte n, just because I don't want to keep using my beloved Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker. Hihi..    I always think that Skin Food's makeup product is not that good compared to its skincare ._.                    

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. Kyaa the packaging is so pretty! Too bad the quality is just so-so though. 17,000 KRW is expensive for something that isn't good > < I heard that Laneige Makeup Brighter is a good highlighter, and it's just 18,000 KRW (which would be worth it if it has good quality). Maybe you can try that one? ^^

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