3 Concept Eyes Creamy Lip Color #6 Jazzy Pink Review

Who is a fan of 3 Style Nanda cosmetics? Hands up!
I will post more review of 3CE products and today is the review of their newest lipstick: Creamy Lip Color. ^^
As usual, the lipstick comes inside black box that is so 3Ce’s style XD
Extreme moisture lip color that melts as soon as it touches the lips. With the containing essence ingredients, transparent and rich colors are rendered at the same time creating a very smooth lip color.
Texture that gently melts
Even a single gentle swipe can express deep gloss, thanks to its marvelous melting texture that melts right on your skin.
Essence lip color
Essence that include Argan Oil, Cupuacu Butter, etc, makeup more than 20%, moisturizing and creating soft lips comfortably.
Rich and vivid coloring
The rich transparent gloss makes colors vibrant creating a fresh glossy lip color, aiding it to coordinate on any makeup well.
There are 12 shades to choose from this creamy lip color and all colours are to die for *.* I’m sure you will have a hard time to choose which colour you want to try hehehhee.. This time, Aurora Beautyshop let me try the bright colour, which is No.6 Jazzy Pink. 😀
The lipstick comes in a long slim glossy black tube which look so classic.
Can you see the expiry date? It’s 20170304.
That’s how long the lipstick is. Pretty short eh? I believe that if use it regularly every day, i will finish it in several months since it’s so creamy.
Style Nanda describes Jazzy Pink as:
Fuchsia pink that makes every moment of you into an award-winning women. Vivid pink fuchsia will captivate everyone by expressing your gleaming beauty.
The first moment I applied it on my lips, I was really surprised with how creamy and melting it is! Much much more melting than Aritaum Honey Melting Tint. Since it’s very creamy, and there is no pointy shape of the lipstick, sometimes it’s hard to apply it near lip line. I have to be very careful or else it will be out of line and become a mess XD
The colour is also super pigmented! Huahhhhh 😀
Ever have that problem, when you are using glossy lipstick and the colour just won’t show up or very sheer? You won’t have that problem with 3CE Creamy Lip Color! Just one swipe is enough. I only use one swipe for pic above *.*
And the color is the same as the advertorial pic. You can compare it with this pic be
low that I took from Stylenanda’s website :3
The fuchsia pink colour is very bright and glossy and I’m sure you will be center of attention if you use it as bold as Park So Ra. XD XD XD 
It’s also not drying, in fact it’s quite moisturizing. Hehhehee.. However the color will go away if you eat or drink but will leave tint. I think it’s normal 🙂 
– classic packaging
– very very pigmented
– creamy and melt on lips
– glossy finish
– unscented
3 Concept Eyes Creamy Lip Color is a must try lipstick if you are looking for creamy, pigmented and glossy finish. It is retailed on US$20.81 and you can buy it on Aurora Beautyshop for only IDR195,000. With Indonesia exchange rate that is still not stable until now, that is a good deal and it’s ready stock 😀 😀
Aurora Beautyshop
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Written by virgo

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