Hong Kong Flower Show 2014

I can’t believe that it’s June now. Time flies so fast, isn’t it?
And I just realized yesterday that I haven’t continued my HK travek post. Sorry >.<   So today I will blog about Hong Kong Flower Show 2014 that I attended on March 8, 2014. It is organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department that was held between March 7-16 this year at Victoria Park. This year the theme flower was "Kalanchoe" and the theme was "Blossoms of Joy". Over 200 organizations from 15 coutnries showcased exotic flowers, landscape and floral art displays. (taken from     I joined the local tour so I wasn't there whole day, maybe just around 1.5 hours and that's not enough >.< In the end I haven't seen all of the exhibition but was happy enough to see tulip hihi 😀     This post is really pic-heavy and it's all about flowers so keep scrolling if you like flower as I do or you can close it right now if you don't really like it ^^       Honestly I don't know most of the flowers name there. I just enjoyed seeing it and took photos of it although the weather wasn't nice that day. It was raining T.T         The flower is just too pretty *.*       My only photo in this blog post. Hhahaa.. My friend said that I really look like 'gadis desa' or village girl here XD XD             So many kind of orchids there! You can buy it too. Hehhee.. I saw some old granny bought orchid there ^^      I was really in a rush that day, hence I didn't have enough time to walk around in leisure and observed from what countries are the flowers from, or what's the name of the flower >.<       Finally we walked to tulip field. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa so many colours there hihi *.*                       Every colour is so beautiful, don't you agree? <3 <3 <3     I immediately recognized this must be from Indonesia and I am right! Hahhaa..        The grass men looks kinda scary ._.     Horse horse horse 😀   This is part of  Ocean Park exhibition hihi..         Gwang Soo, ups I mean giraffe XD         Wedding theme.  The trumpet flower is so pretty >.<   And yeah another field of tulip 😀 This field is more colourful hihi.. I think that tulip is the flower that gaining most attraction. So many people gathered around the field, some are professional photographer with their huge huge and intimidating lens ._. , while some are just traveller like me ^^ It's so hard to take tulips pic because of so many people, trust me >.< Still i was trying my best and I'm quite satisfied with the photo ^^                         The octopus looks disgusting for me but I like the flower colours so yeah I took pic of it hahahah XD   Same colour with this jellyfish ~       So that's all for the Hong Kong Flower Show post. 1,5 hours is surely not enough for me. I was thinking to get back there the next day but they said that the next day will be much much more crowded because it's Sunday. So I thought it would be useless if it's too crowded, I can't take proper pics either hehehe..   Btw almost 90% photos of this post were taken with my beloved smartphone. Can you believe it? XD            

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Written by virgo

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