Verikos Choc Choc All in One Lip Tint Review

I’m so happy that there’s a lip product on my BNT News Beauty Box this time! Moreover it’s from the brand that I don’t hear that often, yup it’s Verikos Choc Choc Tint. ^^
From the previous box I got the Collagen Tightening Cream and I really like it. Now I wonder will I like the lip tint? :3
The lip tint comes inside a simple black box. Well for me who really loves cute packaging, I won’t buy this lip tint in one glance :p
But for you who loves simplicity, actually it has a nice design. Simple yet professional looking tube with the lip tint colours circle the area near the applicator.
There are 3 colours available witch such unique name: Kristen Burgundy, Amanda Pink, and Camila Orange. I got the Amanda Pink 😀
Since it’s a brand new lipstick, you can see that the sticker still seals the applicator area.
Verikos Choc Choc Tint
Lip Gloss + Lip Tint 
Vivid Color!
Excellent endurance!
How to use: Using the built-in tip and rub gently from inside the lips.
5ml / 0.17 fl.Oz
I have used similar lip tints before, like Etude House Color Pop Shine Tint and Holika Holika Pro Beauty Tinted Rouge. Let’s see how this one performs, is it better or not?
The sponge applicator is a bit slanted, not too much and it’s not too long. I prefer it is longer a little bit though so it can reach all my lips area in one application.
Amanda pink is a bright pink colour that will instantly brighten your face once you use it. I already love the colour since my first try! XD
-gradient lips-
Of course my favourite style for office is gradient lips. It still looks so natural and give me a fresh look 😀 My mood booster hihi..
-full lips-
And for you who love bold lips, you will love the full lips more I think. As for me, gradient lips is enough 😀
What surprised me the most is how vibrant the color is! It’s because of the texture too that makes the colour that vibrant in my opinion. It’s not too runny, but it feel
s soft and creamy. Since it’s not too runny, the colour is more vibrant and I only need one application to achieve bold colour. I’m so impressed with it! Two thumbs up!
However for the staying power, it’s just like most lip product out there. After drinking or eating, you have to reapply it because it’s not that long-lasting. Well there’s always plus and minus in everything, right? So I’m okay with this one 😉
I like how it doesn’t make my lips dry. It’s not that moisturizing but at least it doesn’t makes it drier than usual. It has a sweet candy scent and don’t worry because it doesn’t taste sour if you accidentally lick it 😛
Overall I really like this lip tint and I use it everyday now. XD
Really wish I can try the burgundy one as well.. Hihi..

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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