3 Concept Eyes Pore Silky Balm Review

I always happy to try out any of 3CE product I haven’t tried. This time it goes to 3CE Pore Silky Balm. ^^
No need to talk more about the packaging, right? ㅋㅋㅋ
“It is a moist primer balm that covers up your pores and smoothens out your skin. Its moisturizing and soft touch will calm your skin evenly so your make up will last longer.”
The product comes inside of a can. Unusual for me though, because mostly products come in glass or plastic jar XD
As soon as I open it, I see white circular sponge.
Below the sponge, there’s a spatula and separator from the product.
The pore silky balm has white colour.  The consistency is thick. I usually scoop out the product using the spatula and then applied it using my finger. Well, I’m not a sponge or brush-thingy person when it comes to face makeup (except BB Cushion hahaha) so I always use my finger to apply base makeup. 
It is suggested on Stylenanda’s website to not apply too much, or you may have hard time applying your makeup afterwards and that’s true. Since the consistency is thick, it takes to time to blend it evenly. It has familiar scent to me, like that common lipstick scent *if you understand what I mean lol* I don’t know why I remember lipstick scent as soon as I smell this silky balm :p
If you apply it properly, you will have a nice smooth finish on face. It looks matte but when touched, it feels velvety. Sometimes, I don’t know whether because I apply too much or my other base makeup can’t work well with this silky balm, it makes my face dry and patchy which is so -_______- to me. I was like “akdiejielskao”. 
*sorry for inconsistency lighting*
Please don’t mind the different lighting and just focusing on the nose and around nose area. Do you notice the difference between before and after photo? Heheheh.. You can see that I’m not flawless ya and my pore is visible on my bare face. But this 3CE Pore Silky Balm really helps to cover the pores and make it look smoother and as if flawless! After using 3CE Pore Silky Balm and top it with BB Cream/BB Cushion, those area are really really covered up. 
Since it works like face primer, it also helps makeup stay longer on my face and less oily on T-zone area. I don’t remember exactly
after how many hours my face will become oily, but at the end of the day I can feel that it’s less oily compared to when I don’t use this product.
– Makes pores less visible
– Makes skin smoother
– Makes makeup last longer
– thick consistency, need to be careful with the amount applied to face
I always think that base makeup is not that important but after trying Banila Co Primer and 3CE Pore Silky Balm, I think I change my mind. It really helps to make pores less visible, make skin smoother and makeup last longer. ^^
You can get this product from:
Whoopie Pockie
Line: step.tppp
Whatsapp: 0877 6828 3170
BB: 26b87c4b
Thank you for reading!

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Written by virgo

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