Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint Review

Introduce you to my favourite lip product at the moment, it’s from Aritaum, called Wannabe Cushion Tint. ♥
Actually I never interested in Aritaum’s product until I read Mizuchan’s post about this tint. The packaging looks so interesting so I searched for it online and after looking some reviews on Korean blog, I became more interested in it! So finally I placed my order at Testerkorea, since it’s so hard to find it at online shop with reasonable price, and thank God it arrived safely at my home. (^0^)/
I ordered just two colours: Blondie and Johnny to test out the product first. It costs 8500won (USD8.5) each. 🙂
As I said before, the packaging is really unique! Not something that will usually caught my attention (like Etude House or Holika Holika packaging) but still it’s so attractive. Each color have different print on the tube. ^^
On the other end of the product, you will see this cushion to help you make gradient lips. 😀
Blondie is a nice hot pink colour while Johnny is a soft orange colour.
I decided to pick Blondie because it will look nice to create gradient lips using it and decided to pick Johnny because orange colour is really a trend now and the colour looks pretty on the model lips. :3
-natural light-
-natural light, try to smudge it with the cushion- (sorry if the blondie looks blur ._. )
-with flash, smudge it with the cushion-
I really love Blondie colour! The hot pink colour looks really good for gradient lips and I really mean it. It’s better to use lip concealer first before smudging it so the gradient effect will look more visible. In this photo, I don’t use lip concealer first because I did it step by step from the first pic until the third pic :p
I never fully applied it on my lips before this pic was taken, but I can see that the result is pretty nice. It glides on smoothly on my lips, I can’t really smell the scent of Blondie. It has a semi-matte finish. Because of Blondie, I really love bright lips now! XD
Well, to be honest, I think orange is not really my colour.  I had a hard time to put it on my lips. Or maybe it just because I’m not used to it?
Unlike Blondie, Johnny has a strong orange scent, it’s a nice scent and the scent will go away after few seconds. And I don’t know why, it shows my dry lips. I don’t think my lips is that dry, but I don’t know why the result is different with Blondie 🙁 You can see the gradation lips, it’s not like gradient lips, I don’t know how to explain. 😐
Suggestion: must use lip balm first before applying Johnny! 
Afterall, I still like this Wannabe Cushion Tint and really recommend it to you who like gradient lips look because it’s super easy to create the gradient effect using the cushion and the tint. 😀
Because I really satisfied with Blondie, I ordered more colours XD
I hope there won’t be any problem with the shipment and I will make another review for rest of colours I ordered ^^

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. cantiiiik banget ci warnanya >.< wah aku jg dari dulu penasaran sama brand aritaum :0 harganya oke ya ga kemahalan buat lippies :3
    the blondie color looks so pretty on your lips *^^*
    nice review <3 foto swatch di bibirnya uda oke banget hihi 😀

  2. The colours are gorgeous! I especially love the pink one, it's very pigmented too. I've seen a lot of bloggers reviewing these lately, so tempted to get my hands on some too, but I heard it's so popular that some colours are always sold out haha 😀

  3. hot pink nya bagussss rin,,,,
    jadi ingat film i miss u , hot pinknya menggodaaa
    orenzzznyaaa juga, tp bener kt tmn2 yg lain agak kering ya tp ttp bagus di kamu nyaaa
    nice info rin,,,,salam kenal yaa 🙂
    oiaa kamu belinya dimna???pengen nyuba yg blondienyaaaaa 😀

  4. ooo, thank u ya infonya, soalnya aku kmitu kpengen beli secret key lgi ad promo gt, tp aku bc dr review customer di qoo10 dia kena biaya cukai 100an gt, gjdi d jdny pdhl pngen, soalnya dsna bnyk promo gt webnya hehe

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