Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint Review Part 2

Hi All..
As you may have known that I’m obsessed with Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint recently and I’ve ordered more colours, besides two colours that I have reviewed before here (≧∇≦)/
The colours I ordered are: No. 7 Nikita, No. 14 Sugar, No. 17 Mini, No. 19 Candy, and lip concealer Clair. ✿
Seriously all of the packagings are so eye-catching, don’t you agree? Personally I like Sugar’s packaging the most since it has polkadot and floral pattern. O(≧∇≦)O
Since I have described about the product on the previous post, now I will just focus on the colour. 😉
The first collection have 10 colours and maybe because it becomes so popular that Aritaum release another 11 colours for you to choose. 
All of the colours are very pretty right? I had a hard time choosing which colour should I buy >.<   It is sold at 8.500 won each or around $8.5. It's quite short and small, but I can't think too much before buying because of the colour!   #7 looks like outcast, eh? Hahaha.. Its colour is different from the other four :p           #7 Nikita     This colour surprised me the most. Actually before buying, I searched for swatches on Naver and I saw that Nikita is a beautiful, not eccentric orange colour, at least on the blogger lips, so me and my friend decided to buy Nikita.   But when I received it, the colour is so BOLD. ._. But after several time using it, I started to like the colour. Should I call it orange or red colour? It's better to be described as orange colour with red undertone.    I won't use it like above picture on my daily life, it is just for swatching purpose ._.    But I rather apply Nikita like this: I will used Nikita on inner part of my lips, smudge it using the cushion, then apply Clair at the outer part.    Nikita is easy to apply and doesn't accentuate my dry lips. The colour awakens my tired face, it makes my face looks fresher. Definitely worth to try for you who loves bright orange colour. ^^ As for me, orange is not really my colour if I have to choose. But sometimes when I'm bored with my usual lip colour, this will be a nice option. 😀    -left: full lips, right: gradation-   #14 Sugar   Sugar is the first colour I'm sure I have to get when I see the new 11 colours!   It's a nice peach colour that will make you look sweet and natural. ^^ The minus point is it shows my lips imperfection. I'm sure that my lips isn't dry but Sugar makes my lips looks chapped and unsmooth and lip balm doesn't help much. 🙁   When I tried to smudge Sugar, it doesn't look good, just like picture above. I think it's better to use Sugar as the lighter colour when you want to make gradation lip rather than pick it as the bolder colour. :p   Just like this! But I haven't tried to combine Sugar and Mini. Should try it later :3   #17 Mini   After Sugar, Mini is the second colour I know I should get XD The pink colour is so unique and so pretty, it's a nice rose pink colour. But just like Sugar, it emphasizes my lip imperfection too. So sad why does this happen to two of my beloved colours? T.T   But the gradation looks really nice, it looks very natural, just like my lip colour 😀   -left: full lips, right: gradation-   #19 Candy      The last swatch is for Candy. Candy is a bright pink colour. It glides on smoothly and gives a very vibrant, fresh look for your whole appearance. 😀   Do you watch Missing You or I Miss You, starring Yoon Eun Hye and Yoochun? Her lips in that drama is so pretty, it just like the trademark for that drama (at least for me) XD   You can see better view of her lips colour on the drama, it's a nice drama but made me cry in every episodes T.Y   Of all swatches, I think this one has the most nice gradation. It looks perfect combined with the lip concealer, Clair. And I use this the most among other colours because I love the bright pink colour and how it makes me feel like Korean. *slapped* XD     -left: full lips, right: gradation-   There is no lip swatch for Clair, I'm sorry. I forgot to do it but I think you can see it from some pictures above because I used Clair for the gradation effect . It glides on smoothly and far far better than Etude House Color Me Nude Concealer, it doesn't accentuate dry lips that much and doesn't have any weird scent on it. 😀   What I like:  unique and different pattern on each tint's packaging  glides on smoothly  has a nice scent and most of them have different scent ♥  the colours are so pretty   What I dislike:  some of them accentuate dry lips  small amount  hard to get in Indonesia     I love all of these colours but if I have to choose, Blondie will still be my favourite.  All of them have matte texture but still glide on smoothly.    I really recommend this for all you who want to try lip product with unique concept (the cushion), want to have matte result but still glide on smoothly, or want to try to create gradation lips but having difficulty with the usual lip tint, you should try this!   If you're having difficulty to purchase Aritaum's product, you can try to order it from Testerkorea. Their price is the same as the price from the brand itself, no marking up 😀 But you have to pay your shipping cost 😉 I have ordered twice for them and so far I like the service there and the product reached me ten days after I got noticed about the product being shipped. ^^   So that's all for now. I hope you're getting more interested with Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint after reading my review and can't wait to try it yourself :p                    

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. <3 they're super cute especially sugar!!!! I was like *___* askskalasallahafgaajanababcxsdf!!!! Thanks to you now I wanna include sugar in my tester Korea shopping cart xD mini looks really pretty on you too <3 thank you for the review and more swatches 😀

  2. aiiihhh bagus bgt ce repiewny <3 aq paling suka sm no g 17 tp jadiny pink ny ada dikit hint orange ny yah, q kira bakal pink aga pale gitu, malah jatuh cinta sm yg candy, over all gradiant lips ny jg bagus", cc paling cakep yg lg make gradient lipsny candy ^^

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