Korea Trip Day 3: Nami Island

Hi All..
Yes I’m so late for my Korea Trip post, sorry ._.
I just remembered that I haven’t posted my day 3 and day 4. Haahaha..
The view from my hotel room. Since it was the last day I stayed in Seoul, I want to take pics of it.  Before we left Seoul, we decided to have brunch first. :9
We had some time to find this restaurant, it’s not in the main road but thankfully we found it because I really wanted to it Korean BBQ. XD
Taraaa.. It’s about 10 or 11 am when we reached there so it’s still not crowded. 
We decided to sit on the floor to feel more like Korean :p
The main dishes as usual are more than one. :O
Okay the meat tastes really delicious! There are two types, I forgot to take other pics (cause I was busy eating XD), but I think the difference is just in the seasoning. In the end, I ate 2 set (with Onni of course :p). 😀
The celery looks so fresh!
After eating the meat, we ordered cold noodle. Onnie said that’s how it used to be 😮
So okay, I thought I should try it although the concept of cold noodle itself is strange to me. I mean, I like hot noodle, but cold? Not so sure :/
*when I took the pic of the noodle, the egg was rolling down hahhaa*
As usual, pose before trying the noodle ._.v
Andddd I don’t like it. Hahhaa.. It really tastes strange for me, there’s ice inside. And it’s cold like ice cream, can you imagine it?? In the end, Onni ate it all because she likes it. 
That’s the Facebook page in case you’re curious about the menu ^^ (I haven’t check their FB though)
So for the last time, pose-ing at the Myeondong street. Miss you so much, Myeongdong! >.<   We continued our journey. Most of the time, I slept in the car hahaha :p   So welcome to Nami Island! Yeay! I was surprised that it's written: Naminara Republic there. Republic? Just like one country itself? ._.     And there's also written: entry visa in the ticket counter :O   It's so crowded because of tourists and local people.     Freezing while trying to smile. The result is akward standing position XD   Actually the time in ferry is so short, maybe just around 10 minutes. When you arrived, here is the view you will see ^^   Beautiful flower <3           To look around the island, there are some options: by bicyle or walking. Since I can't ride bicycle (poor me 🙁 ), we decided to just walk around.   See me and girls around me? I'm amazed how can they wear skirts and didn't show that they were freezing, unlike me ;_;     I think I came in a wrong time or season. Nothing much to see here.    The island is full of Winter Sonata's thing.      Looks so peaceful, eh? 😀   All I can read is just: Best Wishes 2013 Xin Nian -_-   See what I mean by: full of Winter Sonata's things? Yes maybe because this place is one of attraction for tourist now because of Winter Sonata drama. 🙂     Then we saw this Snowman Pancake. Curious with the taste, so we decided to try it. :9   Even the cafe name is Sonata XD                      Actually the taste is just ordinary, just sweet, that's all. But because it's hot while I was so cold, it still tastes good 😀     We found one house, maybe like museum, inside it is just this calligraphies hanging on the wall.   Standing awkardly beside Bae Yong Jun's statue hahaha   And this is the beautiful road. Kyaaa.. Must be so beautiful on winter XD     The leaves haven't grown yet but still they look pretty!           Saw couples riding bicycle and they look so happy ;_; *envy :p   We almost reached the beginning point where the ferry is. The weather was getting colder too since it's around 4 or 5 pm at that time.     Finally reached the starting point and thankfully the ferry hadn't departed 😀 Still have some time to look around and take photos 😀 Ain't the snowmen cute? ^^   Don't know what to write there. In the end, just wrote my name and the date -___-"     So before going to Daejeon, we decided to have dinner first. All restaurant there sell Dakgalbi, don't know which one is the best, maybe they all are just the same, so randomly chose this one. :3   Side dished. The yellow one is kimchi.   And this is the dakgalbi before cooking.   Messy hair :s   And this is it after cooked! 😀   It tastes yummy and spicy. I was so full just by eating this dakgalbi. :9   So after that, we went to Daejeon, to Onni's place. We reached Daejeon on night, so so tired >.<   That's all for my Day 3 post. Stay tuned for my Day 4 post, okay? :3   Day 1: Myeongdong and Namsan Tower Day 2: Ewha Woman's University, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Insadong Korea Trip: Makeup and Skincare Haul                                          

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. nyaam dakgalbi nya kayaknya enak, aq selalu pensaran sm rasa" makanan korea yg warnany merah" *inget ramen soalny, awal" liat kok kayakny perna denger ttg nami island tyt tempat syutingny winter sonata, bagus bgt poto"ny ce <3 klo musim salju pasti lebih keren tp bakalan dingin bgt ya, dsn sempet mimisan g ce? udarany kan kering bgt y

  2. ce juga gabisa naek sepeda ta?? ah samaaaaa! hiks ini memalukan T__T
    errr cold noodle nya emang rada gak meyakinkan, sering baca di komik juga sih, sepertinya aku bisa mbayangin kayak gimana rasanya, pasti aneh >__<
    ditunggu postingan yang day 4 yaaa ^^

  3. iy enak shan, pedes2 ituu 😀
    aku jg suka yg warnanya merah *toss..
    kiy shan, nami island jd terkenal krn film winter sonata..
    iy kerenan pas musim salju, skrg pohonnya botak smua T.T tp ttp bagus sihh 😀
    untungnya ga smpet mimisan, krn pas aku prgi sbnrnya ud spring, tp ga tau knp cuaca taun ini anehhh.. shari sblm aku nyampe, kata temenku salju bahkan d sana o.O

  4. All of your photos are so pretty. Glad you had some good food here, except for the cold noodles. It was strange for me at first too but I've grown to like it. I sometimes even crave cold noodles in the winter.

    Nami Island has changed a lot since the first time I went there…which was back in '08? It's a totally different experience when you go there with a lover XD

    Can't wait to see your Day 3 and 4! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

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