Korea Trip: Laneige Global Beauty Camp 2014 Day 2

Today I will continue Laneige Global Beauty Camp 2014 Day 2 story. Are you ready? ^^
(taken from Tyra’s blog)
That day the schedule was not too pack. The first one was makeover by Laneige makeup artist. ^^
Started with hair makeover first. I asked for wavy hair and I really liked the result! ❤︎❤︎❤︎ 
Next is makeover. Can you see all the Laneige makeup products on the table? They were all brand new products *.*
This is the make over result. It looks very natural right? ^^
After finished with makeover, it’s time for photoshoot. I think I was the first one to have photoshoot, super nervous ._.
I was asked to pick one of Laneige favourite product and I chose the lipstick :p I forgot to ask someone to take my photo while photoshoot-ing because of too nervous -__- But Mrs Dian said that we will get the photo from Laneige Korea so I will update this post with the photo once I got the file. ^^
Actually I saw one of my photo during the gala dinner time at the large screen, i think it looks nice XD *narsis*
Then I waited for other bloggers on another room. Desserts and tea or coffee were prepared on the table. 
We were welcomed too to take polaroid photos. ^^ 
With Dahye
With Tyra and Kim ^^
Next was lunch. We had lunch on Tavolo, all you can eat.
So many seafood :9
And desserts ❤︎❤︎❤︎
The next schedule which makes me so excited was lipstick class. We would learn to make our own lipstick shade yeahhhh! (≧∇≦)
Hongkong bloggers that sat near me. 😉
So this is the lipstick production process step by step. 
Some tools that we need :3
So these are the lipstick colors available on each table plus lipstick base. We just need to mix colours, depending on what colour do we want to make. Lipstick base is added to make the lipstick moist or glossy so if you want matte lipstick, just add lipstick base as minimum as possible. We also need to add anti-foaming agent about one drop to prevent bubbles on the lipstick tube. 🙂
After adding all the needed ingredients, it’s time to mix them on the microwave. Mix them until it becomes creamy. ^^
Do I look like doctor? B-) *slapped* XD
I choose coral colour while Tyra and Kim choose pink colour. I hope my coral colour is not too orange >.< By the way, Laneige team will send us this lipstick and Mrs Dian told me that it's already on Mrs Dian, I hope I can get it soon! 😀 This is Tyra and Kim, they are so pretty right? :3 The last schedule which was the highlight of Laneige Global Beauty Camp 2014 was the gala dinner to celebrate Laneige 20th anniversary which will be attended by Laneige's brand ambassador: Song Hye Kyo. ^^ *selca before attending the gala dinner*  If you follow my instagram, you must have seen this pic hihi ^^ With Thailand bloggers: Erk, Earth, and Nina ^^ With Kim, Tyra, and Hannah ❤︎ Another pic with Dahye and Hannah. :* Indonesian team: Griss, Fidya, Mrs Dian, Trisna, and me ^^ Too bad my seat was separated from my Indonesian friends and Taiwan friends 🙁 But there's a positive side of it too: I could get to talk more with Thailand bloggers who sat besides me ^^. Hannah also sat beside me. Menu for that special day. Andddddddddd the most awaited moment was the appearance of Song Hye Kyo. Kyaaaaaa... Too bad I was seated too far from the stage so I could only see her from the screen. But I can tell that she is really pretty and skinny (≧∇≦) (≧∇≦) (≧∇≦) I am so glad to be able to see her in real life :') Not long after that finally the gala dinner was over and it marked the end of Laneige Global Beauty Camp 2014 too. 🙁   The last photo we took together :') Thank you so much, Laneige, for this opportunity. So glad that I was able to experience every event on Laneige Global Beauty Camp 2014 and happy 20th anniversary too. Wish Laneige can expand more on global market and be the trend setter for K-beauty ^^

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Written by virgo

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