Korea Romantic Winter Tour Day 2: Buzz Korea Awards 2013

So here we are for Romantic Winter Tour Day 2 story! 
The day started with briefing at KTO office. The office is really close from the hotel and basically it’s just introduction for all of us and explanation about the tour. ^^
Our first group photos:
In front of KTO’s logo. It’s so cold, I was freezing >.<   With Tsu-chan and Seolki  ~   After that, we went to our first destination: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. It's a pretty new museum and located not far away from Gyeongbokgung Palace.       We arrived before 10am so we had to wait until 10 o'clock to be able to get inside.       Before we entered the museum, the museum guide gives us short explanation about the museum in English. No camera allowed inside 🙁     The only room that we can take photos inside. Feels like in different world there XD   The most interesting part in the museum for me is "The Moving Garden". Why? Because there are pretty flowers inside and we can take it with condition as stated in the pic above. Interesting, right? XD           Our English speaking guide, Bruce Oppa, told me to pretend to be stranger so he gave me the flower ahahaha. I told him i want the pink one 😛     Took photo with Sujin, Amelie, and Seolki in the automatic photo booth. But Seol Ki said that she never received the photo in her email, too bad 🙁     Me and Seol Ki finished fast because nothing much to see in the museum (at least for us). Personally I prefer historical museum than art museum. ._.     We continued to our next destination that is located not far from the museum so we went by walking. You can see that the Gyeongbokgung Palace is in front of the museum ^^           Finally arrived at the restaurant where we would have lunch: Bokjeong Sikdang.            It's located at the second floor.       Beautiful flower but be careful with the seed. Seolki's coat got dirty because of the seed's liquid 😐   Side dishes, I like the green vegetable the most XD     This one! 😀     History of the restaurant name.    And here's my lunch. It's a big portion and I couldn't finish it >.<     The fruit looks like tomato but it's not. I forgot the name but it tastes sweet and delicious ^^     After finished our lunch, we walked back to the bus and continued our journey. Yeahh it's shopping time at Myeongdong! (^0^)/   I hope I had time to go inside Lotte Young Plaza to take a look at Style Nanda's store 🙁   This time I went to other side of Myeongdong that I never been there before on my previous trip. I guess this is the main road since most blog that I've read have pictures of this part of Myeongdong street.            Shara Shara <3   I didn't take many photos because the time given for shopping was just 2 hours and it's seriously not enough -_- Busy shopping and hurried inside this and that store 😐   After shopping. My hand was full with shopping bags ahahahhaha :p   Then we continued our journey to the main event of our tr ip. Yup it's the Buzz Korea Awards 2013. :'D Located in Fradia, the view is amazing but it's so cold because of the wind. Brrrrr...             Those great views, so happy to capture those photos hihi :3   Enough with outside view, next we move to the snack area before the event started. ^^   Macaronnnnnnnnnnnn!   Too bad I didn't eat anything from those pictures 🙁 Too busy trying to find the ticket to get inside the award while in fact, it's on my wrist all the time. Stupid me -_______- By the time I wanted to eat the snacks, the queue was too long that I gave up.   With pretty Amelie Onni ^^   Wearing beautiful hanbok to take polaroid photo hihi :3   And finally we got inside the event room.   Full of people inside.   We got front raw seat. ^^     The event was hosted by the handsome Ricky Kim *.*   Included in the event was the performance of Dal Shabet.  They look very pretty in real life, especially Woohee and Sheri 😀   Lucky fans that got gifts from Dal Shabet.   Next is the awarding time ^^ Video of The Year: Lily from Cambodia, Edvard from Lithuania, and Alyna from Phillipines.   Blog of The Year: JN from Phillipines, Amy from China (she is just 9 years old OMG :o), and me :'D   Look at my happy face hahahaha XD   K-Spot of The Year: Seolki from Singapore, Lichee and Junyi from China.   Buzz of The Year: Viru from India, Tim from Australia and Tsuchan from Japan.   After finished, the next performance was from Ze:A. XD Honestly I'm not their fans but since watching their performance that day, I started to like them hahahah :p    Especially Dongjun kyaaaaa <3    Can't stop staring at him :p   Finally after their performance, the event finished and we took group photo again. 🙂   My camera battery is died because I recorded most of Dal Shabet and Ze:a's performances hahaha.. But fortunately we get the tour photo from Buzz Korea. 🙂 So those photos that don't have my watermark are from Buzz Korea.    Hungry hungry.. It's time for dinner so we moved to the next place, that is Samwon Garden.     Can you see all of those side dishes on the table? 😀   This one is my favourite. I ate it a lot XD   So this is the rice. We have to move it to bowl and pour water to the leftover and eat it later.     < div style="clear: both; text-align: center;">Eat the rice together with the fish, very healthy, eh? 
After that, we went back to hotel. Still have to pack because the next day we would go to Pyeongchang. ^^
I feel so blessed that day. Received the award not in my country and in front of so many people from various countries. I think it’s like once in a lifetime opportunity. :’) I hope that my blog can be better and better in every aspect. Thank you, God, and thank you everybody that have supported me all this time ^^
Feel so blessed too because I can watched Dal Shabet and Ze:a’s performance really really close from the stage. Okay they’re not my favourite but still they are K-Pop stars XD 
Stay tune for my next day story. ~

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Written by virgo

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