Korea Trip: Makeup and Skincare Haul ♡

Okay so in this post I want to show you my makeup and skincare haul from Korea. 
I made 3 separate videos about it, without editing (cause I can’t ;_;), just check it if you want to hear my ramblings :p



But there are some products I forgot to include on my videos, so for more complete version, you can check these pics. :3
These are what I purchased from Myeongdong:

From Etude House:
♡ Silk Scarf Hair Mask (Buy 1 Get 1 Event for all mask sheet)
♡ Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes BR402
♡ Dear Girls Lip Balm #3
♡ Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color OR202
♡ Pure Espoir EDT
♡ It’s Real Carrot Mask Sheet (for my aunt)
♡ False Lashes #Natural, #Secret Long, and #Volume
♡ Drawing Eyebrow #4 and Refill #2
♡ Dear My Blooming Lips Talk PK015
♡ Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #Berry Choux
♡ Dear Girls Cute Eye Maker
♡ Missing U I Can Fly Lip Balm
♡ Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails PK001
♡ Moistfull Collagen Mask Sheet
Etude House is the most crowded store of all cosmetics store I visited in Myeongdong, maybe that’s why there is no BA helping me in choosing what I wanted to buy. :| 

From Innisfree:
♡ Green Tea Seed Serum
♡ Pore Cleansing Brush
♡ Mineral Melting Foundation Glow #N3 
♡ Mineral Melting Foundation Fitting #W2 (for my friend)
♡ It’s Real Mask Sheet #Cucumber, Gold Kiwi, Rice, Rose, and Tea Tree

From It’s Skin (20% discount on selected items):
♡ Have A Banana Cleansing Foam
♡ Set of hand cream (for co-workers)
♡ Power 10 Formula L1 Effector (this one was in discount)
Almost the same things happened when I went to It’s Skin store, maybe because of the 20% sale so it was so crowded and no BA helped me at that time. I think the service is quite bad, maybe because they saw me as one who won’t buy anything? -_-

From Nature Republic:
♡ Garden Recipe Wash-off pack (for co-workers)
♡ Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
♡ Olive Cooking Dual Shadow #4 dan #7 (for my mom’s friend)
♡ Color Waltz Nail Polish PK209 Vanilla Pink

♡ Panda’s Dream Eye Patch
♡ Backstage Swirl Gel Eyeliner #3 Runway Orange
♡ Delight Mono Shadow #Matte 7, #Shimmer 7 Mystic Lavender & 9 Brown Stone, Glitter #5 Melon Mint
♡ Delight Make Up Box

♡ Changing U Nail Patch
♡ Tony Moly Nail Enamel TR13 Deep Brown & PP05 Lilac (Buy 1 Get 1 Event)

♡ Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream (for my mom’s friend)
♡ Shiny Foot Moisture Cream (for my mom)

From Holika Holika:
♡ Aqua Petit Jelly BB #2
♡ Miracle Real Skin Finish for Combination/Oily Skin
♡ Bloom in Multi Balm #Woman Balance
♡ Aqua Fantasy Whitening Toner (discount 3.000 won)
♡ Magic Pop Nail Polish #13 Grey Rose #11 Miss Rose, Vivid #33 Red Lover
♡ Hoey Bouquet Lips #1 Sakura Pink, #6 Ylang Ylang Peach
♡ Dessert Time Lip Balm Set
One of my favourite BA is from Holika Holika. She patiently explained to me about the whitening toner and hyrating toner (if i’m not mistaken) and gave me many freebies xD

From Clio & Peripera (they’re having 30% discount on all items when I went there!):
♡ Peripera Rose Nail Remover Queen Size
♡ Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner (one for my friend)
♡ Peripera My Color Lips #2 Holy Pink and #20 Beige Pink (I bought these at Watson so I didn’t get 30% discount but only 20% 🙁 )
♡ Peripera My Color Gloss #4 (for my friend)
♡ Peri’s Tint Marker #2 Orange Stain
♡ Peri’s Tint Water #1 Cherry Juice
♡ Clio Art Lipgloss A123 Holy Pink
Clio’s BA is so memorable to me. I think she looks like Peripera’s model hahhaha xD Her English isn’t good but still trying to understand me and calculate the discount price for me 😀

From Shara Shara:
♡ Banana Choux Hand Cream (Buy 1 Get 1 Event)
♡ Real Sauce Rice Mask and Golden Kiwi Fruit Mask (Buy 1 Get 1 Event)
♡ White Girl’s Spot Ball (for eye)
♡ Creamy Lipstick #3 Baby Pink
♡ Poupee Perfume Mist #Yang Yang (it’s really cute and I like the scene among 3 others :D)

BA at Shara Shara is also my favourite. She let me took some pictures of the store and took my photos there and told me to show them the pictures later if I come back to Korea, maybe for additional discount? xD

I’m really curious with Shara Shara brand since Mhisha told me about it so of course I went to their store and like the concept and packaging <3   From Watson: ♡ Beyond The God of Patches Bye-bye to Clouded Face (Mask) ♡ Beyond The God of Patches Bye-Bye to Facial Wrinkles (Mask) I also bought one hair mask from Watson but stupid me, I put it on hand carry bad and it didn't passed on Incheon Airport 🙁   From Artbox (basically they're not cosmetics, I wonder why do I include t hem here xD): ♡ Herb Family Botanical of the Fresh & Rose of The Love Aromatherapy ♡ Cute pink mirror ♡ Wooden comb ♡ Cute notebook   From Missha: ♡ M Super Extreme Waterproof Soft Pencil Eyeliner (Auto) Black   I waited for quite a time when wanted to pay because of two mid-age women who was still paying for their stuff. They're Japanese and I think really fans of TVXQ because they asked for many TVXQ's stuff from the BA and the BA fulfilled their request since they bought quite a lot. I just laughed deep down inside my heart, I think it's funny how mid-age women also still a fans of TVXQ. XD   From Laneige: ♡ Silk Intense Lipstick SYR36 Beige Chiffon  (it's the one Song Hye Kyo used on the first episode of That Winter The Wind Blows Drama which the colour I really like and finnally I knew what colour is that, because on Laneige store in Myeongdong there's her face on the drama, printed on paper and I asked the BA what colour is that :D)   These are free mask sheets I got from purchasing, so happy to see Jang Geun Suk's face xD Actually I also hope that I got JYJ's mask but I didn't ._. Holika Holika's BA told me that Makgeolli Mask Sheet she gave me is very popular and many tourists came back to buy the mask the mask sheet because it's really good but I think they don't sell it.   Free samples! All of them are so generous, including Laneige. I mean I just buy one lisptick but she gave me so much samples :') But Etude House didn't give that much sample, sadly to know because I can say that I purchased quite a lot from them 😐       The most generous are Shara Shara and Holika Holika 😀 See that mascara, cleansing tissue, and other samples from Shara Shara? I think the mascara is quite real size, can't wait to try it.    And got this cute cat doll from Holika Holika's BA! So happy because it's a cat and in purple colour <3 Of course I will come back to their stores later if I go to Korea again ヽ(´∀`)ノ   At Incheon Airport, I felt like I want to buy more because there were still some products I haven't bought that my friends asked me to. So I went to The Shilla duty free which sells cosmetics & perfumes.     ♡ Tony Moly Pang Pang Mascara #3 Dolly Long Lash (for my friend) ♡ Tony Moly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar (one for me) ♡ Tony Moly Fresh Aqua Cooling Eyes Stick     ♡ Etude House CC Cream #1 Silky (I should buy the glow one instead of silky >.<) ♡ Etude House Collagen Moistfull Pack #2 (for my mom's friend) ♡ Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum (for my friend)   I didn't go to Face Shop store at Myeongdong so I decided to just take a look at its counter at Shilla Duty Free.  ♡ Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream and got freebies right beside the cream, I think it's a toner and cleansing foam ♡ Collagen Essential Mask Sheet (for my mom's friend) ♡ Aura Color CC Cream #2 Natural Beige (Buy 2 Get 1 Refill Event)     So that's all my cosmetics and skin care haul from Korea. Do I buy too much for myself? I don't think so because when I see it now, most are for oleh-oleh, or friend asked me to buy for them. And I didn't buy anything from Skin Food, actually I went to its store to see the flora tea line, but they said it's a limited edition and out of stock already :(    I like shopping at the store because there are some good deals you can get, like Buy 1 Get 1, or some discount , which you can't get when you buy from online shop in Indonesia.    If you're planning to go to Korea and want to have some shopping, I suggest you to master one of these languages, either Korea, Japanese, or Chinese because most of the BA's can't speak English. -__- When I asked them in English, they replied me: " Ni hui shuo zhong wen ma?" or "Can you speak Chinese?" Then reluctantly I had to said yes, otherwise we couldn't communicate. I am grateful that I can speak Chinese, although my chinese vocabulary for makeup isn't that good hahaha, never think that Chinese language can save me in other country, like Korea. Then they will fluently explain to me in Chinese. From Onni's conversation with one of the BA, Onni said that they came from China and work there. :O I guess it's because of most foreigners that shopping at Myeongdong are from Japan, China, Hongkong, or Taiwan. Some of them also talk to me in Japanese but I can't speak Japanese ._. I think it's not only in Myeongdong but in most part of Korea, most of them still can't speak English that much so better prepare yourself with those language. 🙂   For other things I bought at Korea, I will just put it at separate post.  So is there anything you want me to review first? I think I will review CC Cream first since it's so booming nowadays.  Until now,  I still feel don't want to use most of them, I want to see them untouched on my drawer >.< Hahaha..                             

What do you think?

Written by Julliana Elora

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  1. Wow this is amazing, I'm so jealous! Please review the stuff from Shara Shara. It looks adorable and just my style, I'll definitely stop there when I go to Seoul.

    I wouldn't know which one to ask you to review first though since I'm interested in all of the brands. *-*

  2. duh sayang ya hair mask dr watson ga bs dbw lewatin airport riiin… 🙁 btw! akhirnya udah pulang juga ya dr Korea, untung north korea ga aneh2 selama kamu disana. hahaha, agak tegang sih sikonnya skrg ^^" dan itu yaampun free samples nya sih generous abisssss!! *_____* terus ngiler deh kayaknya di korea kosmetiknya cute concept semua rata2 kebanyakannya >__< shara2 baru denger nih. bagus kah kualitasnya? oiya, mau aku culik sih cat doll nya huhhhh!! hahahaha jk XD

  3. wah buset haulnya sih banyak bener loh bikin ngiler o.0
    review produknya shara shara dulu dong ci 😀
    pengen menelusuri brand2 korea yg belum gitu sering denger kayak gini 🙂

  4. aaaa!!!!!! iii!!!! apaaannn puas banget kamu belanjanya!!!!!!! >.< aku pengeeeennn hikss hiksss…
    masyaoloohh ya apa ya tar kalo ke korea ga bs mandarin, japanese, bs pake bahasa orang utan aku wkwkwkwk

  5. wow banyak banget rinnn *Q* km kalap yaaaa hahaha

    rame banget emg di EH myeongdong >.< di myeongdong sndiri aja ada 5 EH store kayaknya… wkwk..
    seingetku dr dulu BA yg di holika holika baek2 😀 hehe

  6. Sori mau nanya,
    Kalo handcarry kosmetik gitu di airportnya kira2 dicurigain ga yah?
    Soalny rncana mau lbrn ksana n mau beli kosmetik byk, tkt di bea cukai knapa2..
    Thx for your help!

  7. TEh mksdku belinya blanja ky sis jg gitu hehe, dimasukin ke koper mksdny..
    Cm beliny agak byk produk2 etude dll gt..krn byk yg titip
    Apa ga masalah kl di koper?
    Soalny tktny udh blanja byk dkenain pajak juga..
    Thx bgt ya 🙂

  8. Im in korea now. Already bought some haul but i still need to buy some cosmetic haul for family and friends but i dont have anymore time for that… Just wanna ask are the products they sell in Incheon Airport the same price from outside the airport and do they also give FREEBIES in the airport? I'll leave korea in a week i hope to hear from you.

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