Japan Softlens Ageha Midnight Black Review

Hi All..
It’s another softlens review from Japan Softlens, which is Midnight Black. ^^
Diameter: 14.5mm (16mm)
Normal – Minus 8
BC: 8.9
As the name indicate, it’s black colour softlens. Suitable for those who want to look like he/she doesn’t use softlens at all. My first lens choice was black colour but nowadays I use other colours too hihi.. Black lens is very suitable for cute look ^^
-up: no flash, bottom: with flash-
Design and colour:
The design is very simple. Not much pattern and it’s one colour lens.
The enlargement effect when using black softlens is the best. It makes your eyes look bigger in an instant.
Ageha Midnight Black softlens material is a bit different with other series. I think it’s thicker than Lunatia and Big series, that makes it not as comfortable as those series. 
If you are looking for black lenses with not too much pattern and most importantly you just want to make your eyes look bigger like those in manga, then Ageha Midnight Black is a must for you. ^^
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BB Pin: 25A8140C
SMS: 081 807 909033
Line ID: yulialusiana
Instagram: @japansoftlens
Email: [email protected]

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Written by virgo

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