Korea Romantic Winter Tour Day 3: Yongpyong Ski Resort

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I’m very late with my Romantic Winter Tour Post, sorry >.<   Today I will share about my Day 3. Not much activities that day but we had a long journey :p   So we had to leave Somerset Palaace hotel and before check out while waiting for my friends, I took some photos to show you the hotel from outside and the lobby.       Large Christmas tree hihi     After all of us have gathered, we departed for our next destination: Yongpyong Ski Resort. It's at Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do province. Guess what was awaited for us? Yes, it's ski!!! Excited yet nervous since I never tried sky before. XD   Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so happy to see this scene! Full of snow >.< Finally I can see snow everywhere :'D   The sun was shining bright but it's still so cold there.           We went inside the building. Before renting ski equipment, we decided to have lunch first. My stomach was growling :p   We had lunch at the Chinese restaurant inside of the building and of course I have to order Jajangmyeon!!   Actually I was more excited of this than the Jajangmyeon since it's so tasty. :9 :9 :9       The jajangmyeon taste is ordinary and I couldn't finish it all.>.< The portion is so large.   We are not allowed to take camera inside the ski area. Maybe they afraid that we will drop our camera or something like that but thankfully we are still permitted to take our smartphone. Kkkk. . And of course the photographers were with us so don't need to be worry about anything XD   We started by learning how to ski. The trainer explained to us and then we should try by ourselves. It's fun but once is enough for me XD       Love these photos so much! <3   Finally finish ski-ing and the Buzz Korea team told us to go to other part of the ski area to play snow fight and it will be recorded. XD   It's so fun! We laughed so much and so happy at that time :'D       Finally group photo after snow fight :p   Then we returned the ski equipment and would go to our hotel. So tired. Fiuh...       My happy face seeing the ground covered with snow. Hihi.. I didn't use circle lens that day, look at my small eyes ._.   Then after tiring day, finally we would go to our hotel: Intercontinental Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort. We would stay there for two night.    This is my room for two nights. I can say that this one is better than the one at Somercet Palace,Seoul XD          I was so happy to see the bathroom! The bath tub and shower are not in one place. Though I didn't use the bathtub, I was still happy to see that they are separated hihi.   There is a veranda outside. I did checked it and took photo of it but they're all blurred since it's dark already. Will show you the veranda on my next post. ^^   Too bad I didn't have enough time to enjoy this nice room. Most of the time was spent outside.   We were only given 30 minutes to take a shower and so on before heading to dinner. And it was the most delicious dinner I had during my trip!!!!!     See that big chili? I forgot the Korean name ._. Most of the chili I ate never taste so hot, it's more like cucumber. But that day finally I ate one bite of the big chili that is really hot, thanks to Oppa Duke. Kkkk..   Andddddd this is the main star for Day 3: the Korean beef. It tastes really really good and I'm craving for it again now :'(     Yummy!   The cold noodle, not mine because I don't like it. 😐     After full with Korean beef hahahah we went back to hotel to have a rest.    With our beloved mother: Amelie XD   After that, me, Junyi, Lichee, Amy and her father went around the hotel to take a look. It's so cold outside but we still wanted to go around XD     Because I lost my phone, all of my photos from the trip are gone T.T  This one is taken from my IG hiks :'(   Oh and this is the video from Buzz Korea for Day 3 ^^   So that's all for my Day 3 story. Day 4 will be much more interesting so stay tuned! ^^                  

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