Korea Trip Day 4: Jeonju Hanok Village

Finally last day of my trip. Well, not really last day, but because it’s the last day I spent whole day on South Korea, let’s just name it that way ^^
For my last day, we decided to visit Jeonju Hanok Village. Well, it’s based on recommendation of Onni’s painting teacher, it’s a good place for tourist to see more of Korean culture there. I don’t know anything about Jeonju, but just say yes, excited to visit other city besides Seoul 😀
On our way to Jeonju, Onni said that we will go to Sitanjin because the road is full of cherry blossom trees. Well as you may know that this trip was not as I have planned, and because of tight schedule, I didn’t go to Yeouido Park to see cherry blossom festival there. And this year the season was changin more slowly, I mean it’s already mid of April, but Seoul was still so cold and the flowers hadn’t blossom yet >.< And many cherry blossom festival were cancelled too because of this.   I don't remember anything about direction, and thank you to GPS system that makes a whole trip easier! Easier for Onni to drive and go to our destination place :p   So here it is: the cherry blossom. Kyaaaaa.. So pretty right? I still feel grateful everytime I see cherry blossoms photos that were taken during my trip :')   It's so pretty that I couldn't stop taking picture. Hahaha.. Sometimes it look white and sometimes it look pink.. But actually it looks pink to me, just like photo below.   Too bad that the trees is inside factory so we couldn't get inside 🙁   So we just went across the street hahahaha XD      Am I look good with that kind of clothes? I think yes XD I wish I owned one, but I won't use it here in Indonesia so yeah ._.   It's a bad hair day so I just tie it up. :s       In the end, I reluctantly decided to get into the car and continue our way to Jeonju 🙁   Jeonju Hanok Village is located in the city of Jeonju and overlaps Pungnam-dong and Gyo-dong. There are over 800 traditional Korean 'hanok' houses. While the rest of city has been industrialized, Hanok Maeul retains its historical charms and traditions. (taken from Visit Korea's website)   That day, the weather was cloudy. It's so cold, just like the day before.  Not forget to take a pic of this beautiful flower ^^   The first thing we did was find a place to eat! Onni said that there is a famous bibimbap place here and it's a must visit place when you come to Jeonju so we went there 😀 When you see that banner, you know you are in the right place 😀     There are some photos hanging in the wall which show actor and actress that have visited there 🙂     They give many varieties of side dishes.. :9 :9 :9   See that large chilli? Hahahaha   And.... this is the bibimbap. Yeay.. It looks so tasty, right?    And now it looks more delicious than before! Hahhaa.. This is what Onni stirred for me. Mine can't compare to this that in the end, Onni exchange with me. XP Thank you Onni ^^   So I can say that this bibimpap is really really delicious. For Korean herself, Onni said it's delicious countless time! So it is really good! And the portion is really large. Definitely worth the money. No wonder it's famous. 😀   After that, we just walked around the village and saw this church. Looks like Myeongdong Cathedral, isn't it?         The road was so empty. Hahhaa.. This city is called as slow city. :O     The flowers pattern look like butterfly ~   I love that street lamp!       And saw this cute kid passing by. He is so cute <3     See that house? Well, most of them are cafe! Hahaha.. Look so traditional outside but it's a cafe. Too bad I didn't have time to have a cup of tea inside 🙁         And then saw this pastry: it's a walnut cake.         Saw this cute teddy bear so of course I have to take picture with it!! XDD   I think it's part of store inside. I went inside and mostly the crafts are handmade. Pretty but expensive so I didn't grab anything.      All of my pose look like this? I think so 😐     "Come buy flower from me with a cheap price!" 😀 😀 😀   There's one shrine there, called Gyeonggijeon so we decided to take a tour inside with English tour guide.             The shrine was really quiet, unlike Gyeongbokgung Palace. Well, the village itself is quiet so i think that's why not many tourist there. We're waiting for our tour guide and surprisingly it's only three of us hahaha.. XD     I don't know why I felt the situation there was gloomy ._.       Inside this building, there is recording that explained how they create paper, etc. They are well known for their paper craft if i'm not mistaken. Tour with the guide ended here. Her English is better than guide at Gyeongbokgung Palace, she sounds like native 😀     Too bad that the Royal Portrait Museum is closed every Monday >.<     Short trip at the Shrine.   Then we continued walking around the village. Still amazed at how I could take photo in the middle of the street because there's no car passing by! XD   We went inside this house. I forgot the name of the place ._.   As soon as we stepped inside, I could see there were some people playing Korean traditional play.   Onni asked me to try it.    And it's a big fail! Hahaha.. It fell off just after few steps XD   And then I tried this.   It also failed -___-" I saw a little girl played and she could s core three times but me . . . T.T       Inside of the house, we can see many crafts made from paper. It's very pretty!     This stray dog face looks so sad. Or is it only me who think like that?   On our way back to car, saw this tree and want to take picture with it XD     After that, we went home and reach Daejeon at night. I said that I want to eat jajangmyeon so Onni said that it's better to phone for delivery. I watched Running Man and in one episode where they ate jajangmyeon and it looked so delicious so I really wanted to try it. :9   Too bad that I lost the photo of it so sorry 🙁  The taste is ordinary, yes they said it's like Chinese noodle. 😐 But what makes it delicious is the fried pork (I forgot the name), it complements the jajangmyeon really well! Now I miss the fried, not the jajangmyeon XD     Jeonju Hanok Village is really a nice place to visit. It's far from crowded, unlike Seoul, that makes the whole trip more enjoyable. I felt peace and calm there. If you have time, you should try to visit Jeonju Hanok Village when you go to South Korea. 😀     So that's all for my Korea trip. Four day is not enough, I still have lots of places that I want to go to, like cafes that appear in dramas, and other tourist destination, like Jeju, Busan, etc. >.< I hope I can go back there asap *praying every day so my wish can come true*     Day 1: Myeongdong and Namsan Tower Day 2: Ewha Woman's University, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Insadong Day 3: Nami Island Korea Trip: Makeup and Skincare Haul           Thank you so much for reading and see you on my next post! ^^                

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Written by virgo

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  1. aiihhh udah rasanya kayak nonton film korea dah ngliat foto"ny, apalagi yg ada bunga sakuranya tuh, bagusss bangeeet >..<
    itu cabe ijo nya sama aja ce rasanya kayak cabe ijo disini ? liad orang korea makan itu langsung kraus" kayak g pedez ajah

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