A’Pieu Blending Luminous Cream Review

Besides highlighter, what product can be used to achieve dewy look? Either primer or BB Enhancer can help you have that glowy look too. Today I have A’Pieu Blending Luminous Cream, sponsored by Twofacemall, to be reviewed ^^
This is my first time using A’Pieu’s product. In case you don’t know, A’Pieu is also a cosmetic brand from Korea, sister brand of Missha, and the brand ambassador now is Park Min Young. 🙂
It’s hard to find English description of this product online. All I know is that it has two shades, but no matter what shade you choose, you will get the mini size of the other shade. 😀
I got the #1 Water Luminous.
A’Pieu Blending Luminous Cream comes in a transparent plastic box. Description at the back of the box  is all in Hangeul. I hope they will have English translation in the future ._.
So the full size (30ml) is #1 Water Luminous and the mini size (10ml) is #2 Sparkling Luminous.
I like the design of A’Pieu’s product, they have that floral print on the product <3   On Twofacemall's website, it's stated that if you want to try enhancer but don't want to try Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer because it's sticky, you can try this one. Every brand has their own enhancer and the most famous one I know is of course Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer but I don't really want to try it because yes, most of the review I read said that it's sticky. ._.   So what's the difference between Water Luminous and Sparkling Luminous? Of course the difference is in the colour, just like the bottle. Water Luminous is in a white milk colour while Sparkling Luminous is in shimmer gold colour.    The recommended proportion of blending cream and BB Cream is 1:3. I think you can do it your way, I like to apply it 1:1, since if I do it by 1:3, I can't really see the dewy result :O   But when they're blended, I barely can notice the difference. They look just the same, right? But maybe when you look at it closer, you can notice the shimmer in Sparkling Luminous.   Let's see it on my face.       On the left side, I applied BB Cream and Water Luminous. My face looks brighter, more glowy and better than bare face, right? 😀   And here I used both of them on my face, side by side. Really I can't tell the difference between them. XD   look like a ghost ._.   When I blended the Blending Luminous Cream with BB Cream, I still feel it a little bit sticky. So nowadays, I don't blend them together. Instead, I apply the Blending Luminous Cream just like highlightr: after BB Cream, I apply it at necessary area like cheek, nose, and above cupid bow. And I still get the same result just like blended it together with BB Cream ^^   It has a pleasant floral scent which is not too obvious when I apply it on my face. The pump type applicator makes it easier for me to control the amount comes out from the bottle while for Sparkling Luminous, since it's a mini size, it's hard to squeeze out the product. :s   I have oily combination skin and with the application of this cream, I feel my face is oily after 5 hours.      I recommend this product for you who want to have that dewy look or just want to try BB Enhancer. It is better for dry skin people but for people who have oily face, you can use loose powder on top of it or blot your face after several hours. It's a great deal because you got two type in one purchase. ^^   If you're interested in it, you can buy it at Twofacemall: an online store based in Korea and specialized in Korean beauty, cosmetics, skin care and fashion products. They offered free shipping worldwide with tracking number via EMS. 🙂        

What do you think?

Written by virgo

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  1. packagingnya cantik *^^* aku baru tahu kalo dia sister brand dr missha 😮
    iya ya pada bilang etud epunya sticky :/
    maybe I want to try thos one, since I'm really curious about this brand since a long time hehe 😀
    thanks for the review <3

  2. iyaak kayaknya cocok buat yg dry skin yaa, aku lihat dari foto kayanya bikin muka cepet keringetan ya ? cute packaging , and ah ya love your blog by the way, kita sama! oily combination skin, kadang jidat bisa kering, tapi idung sama dagu minyakaaan aaaaa…

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